How to brighten a video?

Lighting is important for filming a video, as you can get a better watching experience. But the shooting condition might not satisfy due to bad weather or a dark environment, and all you can get is dark footages. So how to brighten a video with Filmage Editor?

1.Open Filmage Editor and create a new project -> Import the video and drag it to the timeline.


2. Double-click the video clip to open Viewer or click Viewer -> Check the third tab (color correction) and move the dot on the scroll bar of brightness to the right to brighten the video as you wish. 


3. You can also do more color correction in this tab, where you can adjust contrast, saturation, sharpen, highlight, shadow, color temperature, and hue of the video. 

You can use this method to brighten the downloaded video to get a better watching experience.

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