How to add special effects to a video?

How to make a cool and funny video? People are more attracted by video content nowadays and short videos are becoming more and more popular among the young generation. We are no longer satisfied by a simple spliced video, but videos with fun special effects. Let's see how to add funny special effect in a video:


1.Open Filmage Editor and create a new project -> Import the video and drag it to the video track on the timeline.  




2. Click a simple Effects on the top of the user interface -> Choose Special Effects on the left menu; 




3. Choose the special effect you want -> Drag it to the target video clip and apply the effect -> Check the video preview window to see how the effect perform;




4. Click the star icon on the surface of effect on Project Management Window to add favorite effects -> Click Favorite to quickly use your favorite special effects;





5. Quickly use specific effects by searching the name of it in the search bar.  




Now you know how to add funny special effects in a video, and you can also add more effects, transitions, text, stickers, and animations using Filmage Editor to make an even funnier video.

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