How to add stickers on video?

Videos can make us smile, laugh, and even get emotional. However, videos deliver a stronger impact to viewers if you put some images or stickers in it. For instance, you can put a sticker to express how you feel when you watch the video or make the video cute. 

Follow this guide and you can add stickers to videos with ease by using Filmage Editor

1. Import the video file -> Drag it to the timeline. 

2. Click Resources -> Choose Stickers

3. Choose a sticker that you like -> Drag this filter to the top of the video track and apply it to a part of the video. 

What if you want to change the position or the size of a sticker? Please refer to: 

1. Choose a sticker on the timeline -> Click Transform below the video preview interface, then drag its dotted box to transform it. 

2. Or you can choose a sticker on the timeline -> Click Viewer on the top-right corner, then change its position, angle and opacity.