How to blur the background of a video?

More and more people use phones to do daily recording nowadays, which makes it more convenient to record our daily life. But here comes a problem: as there're different aspect ratios on multiple video platforms when you shoot vertically with your phone and need to share it to the horizontal screen video platform, there would be 2 big black bars on both sides which look awkward and uncomfortable. So how do we fix this problem? Why not use Filmage Editor to blur the background of the video to make the video looks better?

1.Open Filmage Editor and create a new project -> Import the video and drag it to the video track at the bottom (only the background of this track can be blurred)  .


2. Choose the video clip on the track -> Click the Add background icon on the top of timeline and Viewer will automatically pop out .


3. Click the Fuzzy tab on Viewer window -> Drag the dot on the scroll bar to adjust the blurriness, or move the cursor near the numbers to adjust .


Though there are different aspect ratios on a different video platform or it's inconvenient to adjust the original video, you don't need to worry about the embarrassing black bars by using this function of Filmage Editor.

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