How to add background music to a video?

Videos are everywhere around us. You can see ads, short videos on social media, and longer programs like movies. Most videos are audible, as It can help your videos becoming more fascinating by adding music or sound to them. Let's see how to add background to your videos with Filmage Editor.


1. Open Filmage Editor and create a new project -> Import videos and background music to the Media ;





2. Drag the video to the video track and drag the background music to the audio track -> Choose the audio clip to edit, like split, speed control and Volume control;





3. Double-click the audio clip, or choose the clip and then click viewer to do more audio adjustment. 





By adding background music or audio to your videos, the videos will be more appealing to people's hearts and evoke people's responses. You have come to the right spot by editing with Filamge Editor.Hurry up and add your own beloved music!

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