How to apply equalizer effects on an audio?

Sometimes you want to edit more parameters towards the audios to adjust your video clip. Or you are a professional audio creator and you want to edit the audio along with editing the video. So how to apply equalizer effects on audio with Filamge Editor?


1. Open Filmage Editor and create a new project -> Import the video and drag it to the track -> Choose the video clip and separate video and audio clip Or you can import the audio file and drag it to the track.


2. Choose the audio clip and open Viewer or double click the audio clip to open Viewer -> You can see Equalizer on the audio tab, where you can change the preset or adjust the scroll bar by yourself. 


3. You can edit more down below, such as Volume, Speed Control, Audio Fading, and some advanced function(Remove background noise and Tone) 


4. Export the finished clips and save the changes.

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