How to add a voiceover?

Filmage Editor has the function of recording audios. It can help you to record voiceovers for videos.

 1. Open a video project; 

 2. Click Record ; 


Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 2.18.55 PM

3. Choose Record Audio ;

4. When you are ready to record the voiceover, click the red button; 



5. Then read the lines and your sound will be recorded; 

6. After the recording is finished, the audio will be saved in Project Media of Media


7. Drag it onto the audio track and you can edit it. 

You can double-click the audio on the track to open Viewer. In the audio tab of Viewer, you can make more adjustment to the audio. 


And the Audio able can be used to check the volume of the audio. You can find it in View of the menu bar. To close it, just click Audio Table of View.

For better quality of voiceover, we suggest you to use earphones when you are recording.

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