How to add mosaic to a video?

Adding mosaic to a video is a unique function of Filmage Editor. You can put mosaic on elements you want to hide, or make special effects. 1. Open a video project; 2. Click the video you want to add mosaic to, and then click “Add Mosaic”;


Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.54.16 PM

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 9.56.00 AM


3. And the box of adding mosaic will appear at the upper right of the interface;

4. In “Mosaic” tab, you can choose the types of mosaic and modify the blurriness of it;


Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.56.16 PM



5. In “Transform” tab, you can modify the location and size of the mosaic.


Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.56.28 PM


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