How to add animations to a sticker?

How to create a cute and fun video? Add some stickers! How to make this video even cuter? Add animations to stickers! Add animations to a video is also a way to build a pleasing atmosphere. How to add animations to a sticker?

1. Open Filmage Editor and create a new project 

 -> Import videos and drag it to the video track  


2. Choose sticker on Resources and drag it to the track.


3. Choose the animation you want on the Effects and drag it to the sticker clip on the timeline to apply the animation. You can see how the sticker and animation perform on the video preview window.


4. Click transform to change the position and size of the sticker which can also be changed in Viewer


You can add more stickers and animations you want to create a fun video. Also, you can collect the one you like to your favorite to be easily found next time.