Why is there no sound in the recordings?

Please check the following issues af first:

- Whether you have successfully installed the audio plug-in;

- Whether you have selected the right audio source;

- Whether the recorded video is muted, etc;

- If there is a problem when recording zoom meetings, please click to view the solution

When there is any problem while recording, you can first try to quit Filmage Screen and the video or software to be recorded, and then restart Filmage Screen at first, and then launch the video or software.

If there are still problems with the recording, such as crackle sound, fuzzy audio, audio disappearance, etc., please contact us at [email protected] and send us the following informations:

- Your device type and OS version;

- Your specific recording requirements (what kind of video is recorded, live streaming video or online meetings, etc.) and related links, since it is convenient for us to reproduce the problem;

- If you like, please send us your video files and operation demo videos or screenshots, and send the screenshots of the following sound settings:

1. Please click Launchpad -> click Other -> click Audio MIDI Setup, please send us screenshots of audio plug-in (Filmage Audio Device) and Filmage Aggregate Device:

2. Please go System Preferences -> click Sound -> send us the sound output device:

3. If you need to record zoom meetings or similiar online webinars, please send us the sound settings of the software: