How to record online class or online meetings?

If there is an audio problem during recording, please click Here to learn how to solve.



If you want to record online meetings or online courses, we recommend that you clean up junk files on your computer and quit the applications that take up a lot of memory before recording to ensure the recording stability.

Then please refer to the following instructions:

1. Download or update the latest version of Filmage Screen;


2. Launch Filmage Screen at first -> Make sure that you have installed Filmage Audio Device -> Free download Filmage Audio Device


3. Open the online meeting app or online course app (for example, Zoom, ccTalk, Skype, etc.)


4. If you want to record system sound and microphone sound at the same time, then choose System Sound & Microphone in Audio Sources (Auto); If you want to record system sound only, please open Filmage Screen and choose System sound in Audio Sources (Auto) while recording.


5. Then start recording.


1. Please make sure that you have launched Filmage Screen at first, then launch the other app like Zoom;

2. If you need to wear headphones to record, please do not unplug the headphones while Filmage Screen is running. 3. If there is a freeze during recording, it is recommended to select 1080P in resolution and within 20FPS in Frame Rates for recording.

It is recommended that you upgrade to the Pro version, you can choose 1080P, 4K screen recording, custom frame rate recording. Click here to get a 7-day free trial of Filmage Screen.