What do Audio Sources mean in Filmage Screen?

The choices for Audio Sources in Filmage Screen are divided as Audio Sources(Auto) and Audio Sources(More).


Audio Source (Auto) includes Microphone, System Sound, Microphone & System Sound, which are recommended to be selected according to your recording needs.


Record your own voice or surrounding sound

2.System Sound:

Record computer audio

3.Microphone & System Sound

Record your own voice (or surrounding sound) and computer audio.


Audio Sources (More) include no audio source, downloaded audio plug-ins, built-in microphone, Filmage Aggregate Device, external microphones or speakers, custom Aggregate Devices, etc. It is generally not recommended to select this part of the audio source before recording.

1. No audio source:

When you do not need to record sound, please select "None";

2. Downloaded audio plug-ins:

Filmage Audio Device, the same as "System Sound" in Audio Source (Auto). You don't need to choose it here;

3. Built-in Microphone:

Built-in Microphone is the same as "Microphone" in Audio Source (Auto), you do not need to select it here;


4. Filmage Aggregate Device:

In order to record audio, Filmage Screen will automatically create Aggregate Device for you. It's the same as "Microphone & System Sound" in Audio Source (Auto), you don't need to choose it here;

5. External microphones or speakers:

- Such as wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets, etc. Filmage Screen can automatically recognize most of the Bluetooth headsets. When recording, you only need select the choices in Audio Source (Auto) normally. You don't need to select your external device here. 

- If Filmage Screen cannot automatically recognize your external devices (such as external speakers, external screens, external headphones, etc.), which results in failure to record normally. Please refer to how to record external devices. If you still have problems, please contact us at [email protected] with the specific model or screenshot of your external devices, and the demo video or screenshot of your recording;

6. Custom Aggregate Devices:

Aggregate Devices created manually by yourself. You can select them according to your recording needs.