How to reduce the file size?

The Major factor in video size is the bitrateresolution and frame rate(fps). Generally, overall quality improves with larger bitrate, which also results the larger video file size.

Here are quick tips for reducing your recording size while using Filmage Screen Recorder:

1. Choose lower resolution before recording. The higher the screen resolution with which you record, the larger video size will be. So try to record at a lower screen resolution possible to get a smaller video size.

2. Choose lower frame rate(fps) before recording. A higher frame rate will create a larger file size when you export. Filmage Screen enables you to choose 15-60 fps.

3. Compress video after recording. Filmage Screen enables you to compress video after recording. You can compress the recorded file at a medium quality or a low quality for reducing video size.

4. Convert video file to a suitable bitrate. If the video is recorded at a higher bitrate, the higher video quality and larger file size will be. Please click Save As and choose Others after recording:

Then click Edit to choose lower bitrate, size and FPS.