Why did't I get the license after the purchase?

1. Purchase from official website
If you purchase Filmage Screen through PayPal on official website, and don't get the licence code email, please check the Trash or Spams boxes. Or manually refresh your email, it may delay.
If you lose your code, please go to
License Retrieval and get your code back.

2. Purchase the paid version from Apple Mac App Store
If you purchase the paid version,
Filmage Screen Pro-Record,Edit, from Apple Mac App Store, you don’t need a license code, and please download and install directly from the Mac App Store.

3. Download the free version from Apple Mac App Store
If you download the free version,
Filmage Screen Pro-Screen Capture, from Apple Mac App Store, and upgrade it inside the app, you don’t need to enter license code either, but to restore.

Note: If there are different versions of Filmage Screen in your device, please uninstall All first, then redownload and install the right version.