7 Best Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives in 2022

Mon. 28 Mar. 2022 1368 4 min

When it comes to editing videos, Adobe Premiere Pro must be the first software that pops up in many people’s minds. This software has been widely known as the best but the most expensive video editing software for years. It developed the video format and became the standard that other software solutions orient themselves around. However, there is at least one Adobe Premiere Pro alternative out there, and you might be surprised to discover how effective these applications are for personal use or business use. 


Today we will introduce you seven Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives which you can also edit videos and add texts to videos efficiently . This list includes commercial paid softwares as well as free ones.


1. Adobe Premiere Elements

2. Final Cut Pro

3. Filmage Editor

4. Corel VideoStudio

5. Lightworks

6. VEGAS Pro

7. DaVinci Resolve




1. Adobe Premiere Elements


Adobe Premiere Pro is way too complicated a program to suit many users, so the company also offers Premiere Elements, a scaled-down version of the software, aiming at enthusiasts who want to make quite simple home videos. However the interface is not that attractive like others and the features are so basic that may not match up with the price of subscription and upgrade.



- Guided edits

- Animation and transition templates

- Add fun animated overlays

- Adjust shadows and highlights

- Freeze frames and motion titles


Platform: Windows, Mac | Price: $99.99 (Upgrade for US$79.99)


2. Final Cut Pro


Final Cut Pro is a program that provides similar editing capabilities to Adobe Premiere Pro, but at a slightly lower cost. Originally designed for professionals, Final cut pro has been the best video editing software for Mac as it claimed itself. However in recent years, it was simplified a lot to meet the needs of home use, which made professional users unhappy for a long time.



- No complicated video format setting

- Quickly export videos that can be share to mainstream platforms

- The magnetic timeline allows you easily import the files and merge the clips

- Support XML importing, processing 8K videos

- Less upgrades and major upgrades require purchasing it again


Platform: Mac | Price: $299.99 (one-time fee)


3. Filmage Editor


If you’re looking for the video editing software that is suitable for both beginners and professionals, Filmage Editor may be the right choice for you. Besides all the necessary basic editing features included, it contains the advanced features like Marker and Ripple Delete that professionals prefer to improve the efficiency while editing video. Filmage Editor allows you to add text and titles to videos, use transitions to make slideshow videos and record or edit online lesson videos. 



- Support 4K video editing and exporting

- Support multiple video and image layers (multi-track editing)

- Use Marker to remind you of when and where the video should be edited.

- Remove background noise from your video

- Separate audio from video and add music to video

- Combine video clips seamlessly by Ripple Delete

- Adjust video brightness, contrast and saturation


Platform: Mac | Price: $39.99 for 6-month subscription


Besides, you are welcome to download it for free and try all the video editing features. If you’re a student or teacher, there will be an education plan for you to get a 50% discount.  Free Download or Buy Filmage Editor right now!


4. Corel VideoStudio


Corel is a well-known brand that has been around for a long time. Its video editing software— Corel VideoStudio offers three simple template types for beginners: Highlight Reel, Fast Flick and Instant Project video editors. These walk you through the steps of making a simple video while helping you improve your skills. However, it’s only available for Windows now.



- Support for 360-degree VR, 4K Ultra HD, and 3D media

- Multipoint Motion tracking

- Color grading

- Cool stop-motion tool

- 4K Monitor Support


Platform: Windows | Price: $99.99 or $79.99 for upgrades, one-time fee


5. Lightworks


Lightworks has been a very powerful video editing software for Windows and now is available for macOS. Like Adobe Premiere Pro, it’s widely used in film and TV series editing but it offers more free features such as multicam support, timelines with multiple layers. However, since it’s new for macOS, it lacks many essential features like project sharing and export options.



- Supports a wide range of video formats

- Traditional track based timeline

- Good multicam support

- Third-party video console available

- Free version lacks the feature of exporting format settings


Platform: Windows/macOS | Price: $99.99 for one-year subscription


6. VEGAS Pro


VEGAS Pro may be the one of the top Adobe Premiere alternatives and it’s also widely welcomed by professionals. With the one-time purchase option, the program provides easy-to-use video editing features. its interface is customizable, allowing you to set the application to your specific requirements. Also, it was created with a quick, built-in timeline to assist speedy workflows. However it’s only available for Windows now.



- Multiple video & audio tracks

- Support professional formats

- Keyframing & automation control

- Adjustment tracks

- Supports 4K video editing


Platform: Windows | Price: $19.99 per month with annual commitment


7. DaVinci Resolve


When it first launched, DaVinci Resolve was a program for color grading, but it’s since developed into not only one of the best non-linear editing programs available, but a fully comprehensive post-production suite. It has separate workspaces for editing, color, audio, and visual effects, allowing you to perfect every element of your edit. However these may make it very complex for many people to learn how to use these features to edit video.



- High-level color grading

- Audio editing

- Multi-user collaboration

- Stereoscopic 3D tools

- Multiple video & audio tracks


Platform: Windows/macOS | Price: $299 for upgrading


Adobe Premiere pro is still the reigning superpower on the market of video editors. However, if you are looking for reliable, cost-effective solutions, Maybe Filmage Editor could be a good choice for you. Free Download and try all the best video editing features now!



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