How to Record Yourself Drawing Digitally in Mac

Thu. 03 Mar. 2022 1946 3 min

Are you a designer or illustrator? Do you like digital drawing? Do you want to record the digital drawing process? If yes, here will show you how to use Filmage Screen, the best screen recorder to record how you draw on the Mac with PS, PaintTool SAI, or other digital painting programs. Therefore, you can review how you draw the picture as well as upload the video on YouTube, Facebook, and more social media to show your drawing skill.

In this blog, we will introduce the best application for screen recording and three ways to record your Mac screen while you paint digitally.


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1. Why Choose Filmage Screen Recorder?

2. How to Record Digital Drawing with Filmage Screen Recorder?

3. Recommendation: 3 Best Digital Artwork Programs


1. Why Choose Filmage Screen Recorder?

Filmage Screen Recorder is one of the most popular video recorder tools on the market. This streaming video recorder can help you capture your favorite YouTube videos without effort and save the recordings as high-quality videos. You can record video’s sound with ease. Besides, with this Mac screen recorder, you can record streaming audio, or record webcam at a specific time automatically.


It allows you to capture any video or any part of your screen without a watermark. If you are searching for a screen recorder without watermark and without time limitation, you must try Filmage Screen Recorder.



- Screen Recording

  1. Record screen, audio, webcam and iOS.

  2. Record HD1080P / 4K videos.

  3. Record internal audio and microphone.

  4. Allow Schedule recording.

  5. Record screen and webcam at the same time.

  6. Record without time limitation and export videos without watermarks even though using the free version. 

  7. Support record zoom meeting.


- Video Editing

  1. Edit recorded files or local files.

  2. Add text box, shapes such as arrows, hand-drawing, background music and voice-over to make a clear video tutorial.

  3. Trim unwanted clips and merge the rest parts into one video.

  4. Import photos, videos and audios on your video as external sources.


- Video Converting

  1. Convert videos to any popular formats, such as MOV, MKV, M4V, AVI, WMV, MGP, 3GP, FLV and more.

  2. Convert videos compatible with different devices.

  3. Make GIFs.



  1. Even though you can record camera and screen at the same time, you can’t open the camera at any time during the screen recording process.

  2. Its preferences are not very rich, only shortcuts, cursor effects, countdown and default storage location can be set.


Note: Filmage Screen offers a 7-day free trial and a 50% OFF discount for students or teachers.


2. How to Record Digital Drawing with Filmage Screen Recorder?

Step 1: Run Filmage Screen Recorder

Open any digital drawing program on your Mac and get ready to draw. Then get the screen recorder running. Next, select "Screen" by clicking the screen icon.

Step 2: Personalize the Recording Setting

Choose System Sound & Microphone if you want to record both the internal sound and your voice, or choose System Sound if you want to record only your voice. Then you can adjust the recording quality, fps and open the webcam at the same time.

Step 3: Adjust Recording Area

Drag the dotted box to adjust the area to be recorded. After that all settings are well done, you can click on the big red button. Your recording will start after a three-second countdown. You can use Window Recording to avoid recording other activities on your desktop so that you can do other things even though you are recording your drawing.



3. Recommendation: 3 Best Digital Artwork Programs

Adobe Photoshop CC

The first one is Adobe Photoshop CC, which is the most famous one in the field of digital design and painting. It is a powerful digital art software. There are a great number of brushes on the program. Its edit function is also redoubtable. Although it is great, the operation is complex. Therefore, it is more suitable for a professional digital illustrator or graphic designer.


MediBang Paint Pro

If you prefer to create manga, MediBang Paint Pro is a good choice for you. It is a free digital artwork program, developed by a Japanese company. It has 800 free pre-made tones and backgrounds. It offers you more than 50 brushes, easy comic panel creation tools and a huge selection of free fonts.


PaintTool SAI

PaintTool SAI is an easy-to-use yet all-round digital drawing program. It is low-budget. It has a watercolor brush. You can use this simple program to create various-style artworks. You can input brushes to it. It is friendly for digital drawing beginners.

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