How to Create Training Videos for Employees

Fri. 11 Feb. 2022 1507 3 mins

Nowadays, most companies and organizations need to train coworkers or employees about job contents or workflow standards, especially due to the influence of COVID-19, many organizations operating in remote work, training face a big challenge. 

Videos play an important role in employee training now. It is one of the best ways to share knowledge and information to people. A training video is a type of video content you provide to employees (no matter new or existing) to help them learn a particular skill or area of knowledge.

However, many people wonder how to create training videos. In this article, we will share the methods on how to create training videos and tips for making training videos more effective.   


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Why Make Training Videos?

1. Videos get higher engagement

Video works better than words and texts. According to a research, 69% of consumers (which your employees are) prefer to watch a video to learn about a new product or service, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. You will see that most people prefer videos as they are interesting and easy to understand.  

2. Videos can be accessed anytime and anywhere

Videos are very convenient and can be accessed anytime and anywhere, learners can watch the training videos on their smartphones even when they are in the subway, during a break from work, or while having afternoon tea. 

3. Save time and money

There are a lot of standard things every employee at your company or organization should know, the same training you need to give over and over to different people at different times, it will cost much time for every training. Plus, many companies have more than one office. The trainers need to go to a different city for every training, you can imagine how much time and money it will cost. 

Videos can make it simple. Just send a training video and your employees can watch it when they need to. They can also go back and review it when they need a refresher.   


How to Create a Training Video?  

Step 1: Plan your video topic

Before starting your videos, you need to pick up a topic even it is a simple 30-second screen recorded how-to video. You need to consider: what do you want to train? What are your audience’s needs? What is the process you need to show?

Step 2: Write a script

Scripts are especially useful when you’re new to creating training videos. Without a script, your video will be confusing, disjointed, and extremely long in length. And when you plan your video, you may already get a clear image in your mind, and don’t forget to write it down and turn it into a video. 

Step 3: Start filming training videos

Once you’ve done all the prep work, you can start filming the training videos. For most common training videos, you can create a great video with the help of screen capture software, like how-to videos, presentation capture videos, etc. 

Filmage Screen would be a great choice for you, it can achieve HD screen recording which up to 4K, Full screen and custom area recording allow you to capture every detail of your computer. What’s more, it supports picture in picture recording, which means you can record the screen and camera at the same time!

Step 4: Edit training videos

The last step you need to do is to edit the videos, trim the unwanted clips and add annotations on your video, which can make your training video more perfect and engaging.

You even don’t need an extra video editor! Filmage Screen also offers powerful editing functions which can meet almost any editing demands. You can trim and merge the video clips; add annotations like text, shapes, freehand drawing, etc; add background music or voiceover.

Tips for Making Training Videos More Effective            

1. Keep your videos short

Although you want to share a lot of knowledge and information to the employees, please keep in mind that few people would like or have great patience to watch long videos. So if you have a lot of information to share with your learners, break it into short video lessons of each.

2. Connect with your audiences

An effective video must have the ability to draw the viewers’ attention, and one of the most essential things to draw viewers’ attention is making a connection with them. Appearing in the training videos or making some interactions with the audiences can help a lot in grabbing their attention. In a word, you need to be active and passionate in your videos.   

3. Add annotations

Annotations help to grab the attention of viewers and keep them engaged. Also it helps simplify complex information and highlight the main points of the video, which makes training videos easy to understand for your employees.  


We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to create a training video even if you don’t have video making experience. Following the steps and tips we shared, it will not take much time and effort but will help to improve your employees’ learning experience. Try it and start creating your training videos now!    

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