How to download online videos?

You have watched a fantastic video on Youtube and want to save it, but there is no way to download this online video on Youtube. As a teacher, you search for a teaching video for a more dynamic class, but you can't download videos on online video platforms. Note: If you want to download online videos, please download the dmg version of Filmage Converter from the our official website. Filmage Converter is an online video downloader for mac, which offers you the convenience for free downloads of online videos. Just follow the steps below by a few clicks, you can enjoy your favorite online videos at any time. 1. Open Filmage Converter -> Choose Download -> Click "Add Files" to add video;




2. Copy and paste the URL of the video -> Click Download;



3. Choose the video size and click Download;



4. If need, you should login to the site where you want to download your videos.