How to convert videos formats?

There are many popular video formats, however, the incompatibility of formats between different platforms and devices can still be a problem for many users. For example, MOV videos can’t be played on Android devices unless you use a special application for it. The best way to resolve this problem is to convert MOV files to another file type that is more widely supported by devices and operating systems, such as MP4. Thus, a powerful video converter which support multiple formats can be really useful. Now, you can convert files to almost any format with Filmage Converter by the following steps: 1. Select the "Convert"; 2. Drag the file to the converting window or click "Add Files" to select the file; 3. Choose the output format (eg. MP4 / MOV / MKV), select size (eg. Original / HD1080P / 4K video), choose FPS (16 to 30 FPS) and other parameter setting; 4. If need, you can batch convert files.