4 Ways to Use Screen Sharing Tools for the Onboarding Process of New Employees

Thu. 23 Jun. 2022 1136 3 min

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How’s your team onboarding, and what can it do for you? How can managers ensure better onboarding processes? These are just some of the most pressing questions that HR managers in charge of hiring and recruiting ask.

Onboarding refers to the HR process of integrating or transitioning a new hire employee to the organization, department or team. Recent HR studies show that an excellent onboarding program that gives a positive experience and impression to the new hires would most likely make them feel more committed to the company’s mission.

Benefits of Great Employee Onboarding

4 Ways to Use Screen Sharing in Onboarding

Tips to Make Pre-recorded Onboarding Better

Benefits of Great Employee Onboarding

One of the fantastic benefits of a proper onboarding process is having a 50% greater chance of retaining new hires. When a significant portion of the workforce thinks that working from home is the best setup for them, companies must have concrete plans to improve their onboarding process. The majority of the employees think that an effective onboarding process strongly influences whether they would stay with the company. 

The challenge for the companies now is how to help their new hires have a positive experience with their onboarding process without requiring them to go to an onsite office. And screen sharing is one of the simplest ways of adding more value and positive experience to the company’s onboarding program. For example, using a screen recorder with audio allows companies to create employee training videos that are both efficient and engaging. 

4 Ways to Use Screen Sharing in Onboarding

Image source: pexels

So what are some specific ideas for onboarding videos made out of screen recordings? Here are the four ways to use screen sharing in onboarding new hires of the company.

Product training

Product training refers to the part of the onboarding process that informs and equips the new hires about the company’s products. Just like how an effective onboarding process would help a new hire embrace the company’s mission, values and culture, an effective product training would help a new hire embrace the company’s products. Effective product training lowers the cases of employees misrepresenting the company to their customers, giving them the proper guidance in promoting their products. 

This is where using product demo videos is crucial in onboarding new hires in a work-from-home setup. Product demo videos provide pertinent information and practical strategies to the new hires that would help them learn, understand and effectively sell their products. Using a screen recorder online would aid in emphasizing the essential features and characteristics of a particular product during the product training.

Company culture and history introduction

Every onboarding process must have a significant portion dedicated to the company’s culture and history. More than being just a formality, including the culture and history of a company in the onboarding process not only increases the new hires' ownership, positive experience and personal connection towards the company but also increases employee retention. 

Rather than explaining the culture and history of a company through words alone, it would be most helpful to be aided with engaging visuals shown through a screen recorder with audio. The best screen recorder available online would allow you to show a timeline, introduce key people and elaborate on vital events that would help new hires better embrace their company.

Teach new members how to use internal tools

Internal tools refer to the software solutions that the company uses to run their daily operations effectively. For example, various internal tools track productivity, sales, meetings, communication, onboarding of new hires, and more. 

Getting used to the company’s internal tools is essential in enabling employees to carry out their daily tasks; this is why the proper onboarding of employees on how to use internal tools allows new hires to have a positive experience as they transition to their new company, department, or team. This is another reason why using a screen recorder with audio would highly benefit the new hires in learning about their work.

While internal tools ought to be friendly to all kinds of users, there are internal tools that require a step-by-step explanation—for example, using a screen recorder online would help new hires navigate the internal tools better.

Explain internal HR processes

One of the most easily forgotten parts of any onboarding process is new hires' HR benefits and responsibilities. While making sure that new hires feel welcome to the company is the responsibility of every member, the responsibility of giving a positive onboarding experience falls on the HR department.

One necessary HR process you should record is employee attendance monitoring, which you can track with employee monitoring software. Using a screen recording in introducing HR processes is effective in ensuring that new hires remember the benefits of employee monitoring software. This software helps new hires create a rhythm of work and productivity as they transition to their new workplace. Using a screen recorder with audio would help new hires quickly learn how to use the employee monitoring software and ensure they comply fully with the process. Other employee processes you can explain in screen recording videos are salary payout, number of leaves, medical benefits and more.

While work from home is not new anymore, a big part of the workforce is still trying to figure out how to best utilize the work from home setup. And having effective employee monitoring software allows them to have greater focus and productivity at work and, hopefully, allows them to add more value to their personal lives. 

Tips to Make Pre-recorded Onboarding Better

One of the simplest steps in providing a positive onboarding experience to new hires is to make your screen recording better. The aesthetics of the pre-recorded video makes it more engaging to the viewers and helps them retain important information from the video. 

Use good quality cameras and audio

Two significant factors that play a vital role in producing high-quality videos are cameras and audio systems. Creating good quality videos for recording would benefit the visual learners, and having a crisp audio system would benefit the auditory learners. And using the best screen recorder would ensure a high-quality onboarding experience for new hires.

Categorize the videos so they’re more organized

Instead of recording all the topics that will be discussed during the onboarding process, creating the videos in bite sizes and organizing them accordingly would prove to be more efficient in navigating through the different parts of the onboarding session. Using a screen recorder would greatly benefit the new hires and the current employees who would want to revisit or recall some information during their onboarding process. 

Have a live briefing for clarifications and questions

After creating the recorded videos using a screen recorder with audio, it is also important to have a live session for briefing in order to clarify better and discuss certain topics discussed in the onboarding process. There will be questions that would arise from the pre-recorded videos, so it is proper to provide an avenue for new hires to get an answer or a clarification. 

A Powerful Combination

It’s crucial to have a good onboarding process. As more and more people opt to be part of a company that either has a fully remote setup or provision for work from home, it is essential for companies to adapt to the changing tides of the workplace by making concrete steps that would add more value to both new hires and existing employees. Using the best screen recorder is one of the simplest but proven effective ways to improve your onboarding process.

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