5 Tips on How to Create Engaging Online Courses

Tue. 12 Jul. 2022 558 3 mins

Have you enjoyed your great holiday? Are you ready to go back to school? For teachers, you must prepare the courseware ahead of time for the coming new semester. 

Nowadays, online courses are a trend. It gained more popularity from students than traditional in-class learning. And creating online courses has become a must-skill for teachers now. There are various courses like Mindvalley that are excellent when it comes to learning how to create courses. 

How to make your online courses successful? Student engagement is of paramount importance. Today, I'll share 5 tips on how to create an engaging online course and let you have a good start on the new semester! 


1. Prepare the Courseware


Preparing the courseware is an essential pillar while we make an online course. If you want to make your online course engaging, your courseware must be Informative and interesting. You need to turn difficult materials into simple sections that can be taught as well as understood by the students.   

What’s more, the development of courseware should be deliberately considered with the age of your target audience. What kinds of content will be accepted easily by the age group of your students. 

With a course designed and structured, you are ready to create online courses.  


2.Practice Before Record


One of the most important principles of success is the concept of PRACTICE. Like the age-old concept said, practice makes perfect.

To ensure you record a successful online course, you’d better practice your courseware at least once before recording. It also helps to avoid the kinds of sudden situations that may happen.


3. Record the Courses


Record the courses is another important part while we make an online course. In this part, you’ll need to show and teach your courseware to your students. And a great screen recording software will help you to capture the whole process.  

Filmage Screen is a great choice for you. It is a powerful and easy to use screen & audio recording, video editing and converting software. Which enables you to create an excellent online course. There are two great features in Filmage Screen to create online courses that you must know.


Picture in picture mode 


This mode allows you to record your screen and camera simultaneously. Which is very suitable for creating online courses. The students will think you are teaching them face to face, it helps to better convey your intention and makes your videos more memorable and engaging.   


Record system sound and microphone at the same time


While you record online courses, there will be two audio sources, the audio from your courseware and the audio from the speaker. So you will need to capture both audio during recording the online course.   


4. Edit the Courses Video


As soon as you are done recording the video, you can take the specific course video to the “Video Editor” to make it more engaging. Filmage Screen that is packed with screen recording and video editing, which can help you to achieve it quickly and easily. 


Add a course intro  


It’s a great idea to add a course intro for your course video, which can explain the learning objectives and outline of the course to the audience. It also helps to grab the attention of the students from the beginning of the course. 


Add annotations


Adding annotations on the video is a great way to highlight the main points of the course and make the course video more visual. The audiences also can figure out your point easily and understand you well.


5. Connect with your audiences


A successful video must have the ability to grab the attention of the audience. And one of the most effective ways to grab their attention is making a connection with them. Such as making some interactions with the audiences can help a lot in grabbing their attention. In a word, you need to be active and passionate in your online course videos. 




We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to create engaging online courses. And with the help of Filmage Screen, you can spend less effort and time to make an excellent course video.  

Filmage Screen is running an Education Plan now. Students and faculty can save 50% to get all the advanced features! Hurry to download it and start creating your online courses now!   

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