6 Tips on How to Make Product Demo Videos

Tue. 18 Jan. 2022 1296 3 mins

Would you rather watch a video or read long text descriptions to know about a new product? If you prefer videos, then you’re like most people. Videos are fun and engaging to watch. If you are distressed about how to convey your product’s value to your customers effectively, consider making a demo video! 

Why need a Product Demo Video? It is a crucial piece of content that lets potential customers see how your product works. In 2021, videos stand as the number 1 content type used by marketers to sell products and services. Which means, more than half of the marketers invest in product demo videos.

However, many people will worry about how to make product demo videos. Is it difficult or will it cost a lot of time and money? In this article, we will introduce 6 tips on how to make product demo videos, and share 5 excellent demo video examples which you can take inspiration from.   

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6 Tips on How to Make Product Demo Videos

1. Make a clear plan for your demo video

Before starting a demo video, you must clearly know what issues you want the video to solve and what you want to express to audiences in your video. Below we will show you 3 most common and useful goals of demo videos.

Show working process

The first and common goal of a demo video is to show how a product or service works. Generally this kind of demo video should show the working process briefly and clearly, it must let your potential customers understand what you are expressing. 

Provide a solution 

Another important consideration of making a demo video is to offer a problem-solving method. Discuss the customers’ most concerned thing and give an ultimate solution. These kinds of demo videos are very suitable for the Tech support team or customer service team. 

Promote brand awareness

The potential concept of a product demo is brand awareness. Many companies neglect the importance of brand awareness. Establishing brand awareness is a powerful marketing strategy that leads consumers to develop an instinctive preference towards a brand and its products.

2. Identify your target audience

It is also important to identify who your target audience is before making a demo video. It not only lets your video attract the right person, but also clearly what your video content should focus on. What’s more, viewers are more likely to respond when they feel like the content actually has something in common with them. 

3. Describe the key product features 

A demo video no need to show all your product features, people will not like to watch long videos. Create a list of all your product’s or service’s features and select the key features to describe in your demo video, which are most important and best fit your target audience. 

Highlight the top features your audience is looking for, then showing how the product can help to make their lives better. 

4. Include a storyline

The power of storyline is amazing, which will grab the viewer’s attention and influence them to take immediate action after watching your demo video. Create an impressive story that your audience can relate to and call out their pain point!    

5. Make it simple

An effective demo video doesn’t have to stack too much extra information. Make it simple, highlight, easy to understand and highly relatable. Adding too many animations or effects could distract or annoy your audience.

6. Record your products in action

To show the products’ working process or features more effectively and visible, you’ll need a tool that will let you record your screen. Filmage Screen would be a great choice for making demo videos. 

Filmage Screen offers tons of powerful and useful features, helping to make your product demo videos stand out from other peoples’. For example, it supports HD video recording, allow to record camera and iOS screen, annotation tools to highlight the main points, add voiceover, Edit your recording videos, etc.

5 Excellent Product Demo Video Examples 


This simple product demo video uses animation to show how users can benefit from it. What this video does well is demonstrate several different use scenarios and it’s working process. It is very intuitive, simple and easy to understand. 

Click to watch the video: Meet Airtable


At nearly two minutes long, this product demo video clearly demonstrates the visuals of SurveyMonkey’s benefits and features as well as a walk-through of the product interface. It shows how easy it is to send a survey by using SurveyMonkey. 

Click to watch the video: Introducing the new SurveyMonkey


Slack makes their product demo videos user-friendly and vivid that you would like to watch many times. Its video consists of funny visual experiences and effective workspace communications to tell the viewers how they can coordinate better.

A simple "Get started with Slack, today" closes out this informative video with a clear call-to-action. 

Click to watch the video: You've Probably Heard of Slack

The Origins of Nike Free

This product demo video tells the origin story of the Nike Free running shoes. What this demo video does well is showing how the shoe was designed and provides for the idea and vision behind the product. Bringing people closer to the product.

Click to watch the video: THE ORIGINS OF NIKE FREE - behind the design

IKEA Place

"Hey, IKEA would like everyone to know about Place, our new augmented reality app," explains this demo video well.

Why this works: It solves a pain point and explains why this product is here to settle it. 

Click to watch the video: Say Hej to IKEA Place


Creating a product demo video is easier than you think. Follow the tips we shared and you can be the excellent creator of a product demo video! Filmage Screen can save you much effort and time to make a product demo video, it has lots of hidden features that are really useful and professional. Try it and create your own excellent product demo video right now!         

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