How to Record and Save Videos from YouTube on Mac?

Mon. 23 Nov. 2020 4783 3 min

There is no doubt that when we want to watch a video or a movie, we visit YouTube and search its name on YouTube. And it is completely natural that if we like a certain video, we just desire to keep it for our offline enjoyment. But there is no option for us to download YouTube videos.

So, here we will introduce an easy way to get all your wanted YouTube videos. That way is recording YouTube videos.

Follow us and record any YouTube videos by only 5 steps.

Step by Step Tutorial of How to Record YouTube Videos

Step 1: Get Filmage Screen Recorder

Download Filmage Screen Recorder and launch it after installation.

Have problems while recording? Please check how to record your Mac screen.

Step 2: Set up Recording Preferences

1. Open Filmage Screen -> You will see Recording Tools and Video Tools. Click Screen under Recording Tools.

2. Choose System Sound in Audio Sources (Auto) to record only the sound from YouTube video. If you want to record your sound and system sound, please choose System Sound & Microphone in Audio Sources (Auto).

3. Choose the recording quality like 720P/1080P/4K as you want. Customize FPS which is from 15FPS to 60FPS according to your need.

4. Moreover, you can open your camera while recording YouTube video to make a reaction video. Using picture in picture mode to show your expressions and actions is funny, isn’t it?

Step 3: Ready to Record YouTube Videos

If you are satisfied with the parameters that you have set before, you can start your recording of YouTube videos!

1. Launch the browser of your computer and visit the desired YouTube video link which you wish to record. Now adjust the size of the recording area using the adjustable frame to fit the YouTube’s playback window.

2. When you feel like capturing the video, hit the red button to start recording. If you wish to pause the recording, hit on the “command + 1” key on your keyboard and similarly hit the same “command + 1” key to resume recording YouTube video.

3. While the recording is finished, you can click the red button on the timeline or hit “command + 2” to stop recording.

Step 4: Edit Your Recorded YouTube Video

After recording, you may want to trim unwanted parts of the video. There is no need to switch to other video editing software, Filmage Screen helps you solve video editing needs.

1. After the recording is finished, the File List will popup automatically. Then choose the recorded video and click edit on the top menu.

2. Congratulations! You are in the editing interface! Here, you can edit your video by adding text boxes, shapes, drawing, music and voiceover. You can also cut the unwanted parts to trim the video.

Step 5: Export Your Video

At the end, you can export your edited video and save it to the computer’s local storage. 

1. Click (Export) on the upper right hand.

2. Choose the exporting format, storage location, video size and more. Then Click Export to import the video file.

Now, you can upload your video file to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more platforms.

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