Remote Work Equipment Checklist to Boost Your Productivity

Fri. 27 Nov. 2020 1366 2 min

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, remote work has become more common in our daily lives. You may have read some tips for remote work, but it is not always obvious which remote work equipment you need for your newly set office. After all, ensuring comfort at your workplace contributes to your productivity, and this is not something you’d want to reduce! We are in the Black Friday Sale in 2020, so read this article and choose what you need!

Most Essential Equipments You Need to Work from Home

1.Computer (Desktop or Laptop)

You may already have one. However, having more than one computer screen has been shown to boost work output. A small 11’ diagonal laptop could have been perfect for checking your mail during vacations, but might fail on more complicated tasks involving heavy software. 

2.Phone Headset

When we work at home, we usually spend a lot of time on the phone. Wearing a comfortable phone headset can improve sound quality and reduce background noise. If you’re sharing your apartment with someone else, a phone headset can be really helpful. Moreover, a phone headset helps you to focus on the conversation that is taking place.


Most likely your computer already has one. If you use daily work software, like Zoom and Skype, the original webcam will be OK. However, if you’re involved in more serious video-related activities such as teaching online, presenting projects, it’s definitely worth purchasing a better camera. Moreover, it would be enjoyable to record a vlog in your spare time.

4.Wireless Keyboard & Wireless Mouse

Why would you need a keyboard if you’re using a laptop, you might wonder. Actually, it works much better in terms of ergonomics when there’s a separate keyboard. No more crunching – now you can place the keyboard the way you like it and take a more relaxed pose.

Some people prefer to use pads, some find it easier to operate a mouse. We’d suggest having one in any case. It’s particularly needed if you’re working with any graphic programs. Opt for a Bluetooth version for more versatility. Oh, and the ergonomic reason applies here as well.

5.Chair & Mat

It’s not easy to move a seat from your dining room or kitchen to your workplace. A comfortable and ergonomic office chair can help you focus on work. Office chairs should be highly adjustable to accommodate different shapes, sizes and preferences. The list of chair adjustment options is expensive, but consider armrest height, seat depth and width, a reclining function and lumbar support to find the right fit for remote teams. Office chairs help to reduce back and leg strain.

Softwares for Remote Work

1.Online communicating software like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams.


2.Remote control software like TeamViewer. When you meet a problem that you cannot solve after watching video tutorials from YouTube, you can apply for someone who knows how to solve the problem and he/she can control your computer remotely to solve this problem.

3.Screen recorder software like Filmage Screen. Screen recording software enables you to capture your meetings, presentations and introductions.

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4.PDF reader software like PDF Reader Pro. You must need a good pdf reader to handle multiple pdf files while working from home. PDF Reader Pro offers 50% OFF for the permanent license on mac! If you are a Windows user, you can also save 50% while buying PDF Reader Pro for Windows.

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