Why My YouTube Videos Are Not Getting Views (How To Fix It!)

Thu. 10 Nov. 2022 837 3 mins

Most people must have the same experience. You invested lots of time and energy in producing and editing a perfect video. You were very excited to upload and publish it on your YouTube channel. But days have passed, your video has not received as many views as you expected. That’s how disappointing it will be! 


You might be wondering why my videos are not getting views on YouTube? You’re not the only one that has this question. There are many YouTubers and creators who have the same problem too. In this article, I’m going to tell you why your YouTube videos are not getting views and how to fix it. 

1. Unattractive YouTube Video Thumbnail

YouTube thumbnail is a quick snapshot of a video. It is the first thing that the viewers see when your video appears on YouTube search results or their home page. It decides a lot whether the viewers will click into your video or not. No matter how great your content is. 


So, a well-designed and engaging thumbnail will attract more viewers to watch your videos and help you get more views on YouTube.    


How to fix it: Create an engaging and interesting thumbnail that can help you get more views. Avoid just using a screenshot from the video as the thumbnail. And also upload a high-quality photo for your thumbnails. 

2. You’re Not Consistent With Your Content



Consistency is essential for your content on your YouTube channel. If you have no consistency on YouTube. Your audiences and subscribers will be confused and have no idea what kind of videos your channel will have or what your YouTube channel is all about, they won’t subscribe to it. That’s maybe why your videos are not getting views.


How to fix it: Create valuable content consistently. You should create a content schedule to know when and what you’ll be publishing on your YouTube channel and stick to it. Furthermore, stay with the relative niche and be sure what type of videos you want to create. Being consistent will also give the YouTube algorithm more information and YouTube will help suggest your videos to more right viewers who will be interested in your videos.   

3. Poor Quality Videos

Video quality is also an important factor that affects the video views. Viewers do not like watching videos with poor audio and video quality. 


How to fix it: Use Filmage Editor to create high-quality YouTube videos. Filmage Editor is a powerful video editor that is designed for both beginners and professional users. It allows you to create and edit 4K videos with no quality loss. 


You can also improve the audio quality of your video with Filmage Editor. Removing the background noise, audio fade-in, fade-out operations, etc. 


4. You Didn't Interact With Your Audience

Have you ever responded to your audience’s comments? Interacting with your audience will create trust and connection. In return, you’ll get more subscribers to your YouTube channel and it will help to increase your video views. 


How to fix it: Be active on your channel and try to reply to every comment in your videos and channel. Also, you can engage with viewers in your other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

5. You Didn't Do YouTube Optimization

It’s not enough to just upload your videos on YouTube without doing anything. Just like Google, YouTube is also a search engine and works the similar way. Viewers usually enter the keyword to look for the videos that they want, and YouTube will list down the videos that match the keyword best.  


How to fix it: Follow YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) to optimize your videos. You can do optimization with the below factors: 


  • Keywords

  • Tags

  • Channel design

  • Custom Thumbnails

  • SEO

  • Target Niche and Viewers

6. Incorrect Tags for Videos

Never leave the tag section blank or choose incorrect tags while uploading the video on YouTube. Viewers type in a term for the content, and YouTube would then show them the most relevant results. The most relevant tags you use, your videos will rank higher in YouTube’s search results. Videos in the top pages of YouTube's search engine will earn more views.


How to fix it: Video tags should start with keyword tags. YouTube's search engine prioritizes the first tag. Then you can use other common and custom tags.


After reading this post, I hope you might have known the reasons why your YouTube videos are not getting views and their solutions. By following these solutions, I think your videos will definitely grow and get more views than before! 

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