The Ultimate Guide on Making an Excellent Christmas Video in 2022

Thu. 01 Dec. 2022 761 3 mins

The Christmas season of the year is on the way again. It is one of the most important and memorable festivals in many countries. People will spend time meeting family and friends to celebrate this event, preparing gifts for each other and enjoying the precious time. 


Nowadays, people are more likely to use videos to record the time as taking photos seems not enough. Making a Christmas video to record all your precious moments spent with your family and friends would be a great idea. 


If you don’t have experience in making Christmas videos before, read this ultimate guide on how to create excellent Christmas videos. Also, we will share 5 creative Christmas video ideas you can try. Follow our steps and let’s start!      

Part 1. Top 5 Creative Christmas Video Ideas You Can Try


1. Christmas Preparation


Before Christmas arrives, you can make a video to introduce what you will prepare for this Christmas festival. It is a start introduction for the Christmas event and announce to people that Christmas day is coming.     


2. Christmas Decoration 


Record the process of decoration for Christmas is another great Christmas video idea, this kind of video often gets lots of views. For example, you can show how you will decorate the Christmas tree, sharing the decorated materials such as lights and bells.    


3. Christmas Recipes


People usually prepare delicious food to celebrate with family on Christmas day. You can consider making a video to show your Christmas recipes. Baking is a popular recipe, showing viewers how to bake Christmas cookies, cakes would be a fantastic idea. People can also get inspiration from your cooking, worth a try!      


4. Christmas Activities 


Another popular video idea is sharing what you’re doing during the Christmas holiday, such as shopping, enjoying parties, or playing Christmas games, etc. Record the happy hours with your family and friends and make it a memory for ages to come.   


5. Christmas Gift Guide


This type of video usually gets high views too. People will prepare gifts for their family and friends on Christmas day, but some people are distressed about what gift to prepare. You can make a video about Christmas gifts, such as “Top 10 Christmas Gifts” or “The Most Popular Christmas Gift for Parents”, etc.     



Part 2. How to Make a Christmas Video with Filmage Editor [Step-by-Step Guide]

Step 1: Import the media files


To edit your Christmas video, you’ll need to import the media files first, including videos, images, audios or anything else you need. Then drag these videos onto the timeline.




Step 2: Trim the unwanted clips


Next, you can take out the unwanted clips. Select the clip that you want to trim and click the scissors icon, then you can cut the parts that you don’t want in your final video.  




Step 3: Add background music to the video


After we have all the parts trimmed and merged perfectly, it's our turn to add a Christmas-themed background music. Filmage Editor enables you to import audio files. Just select the favorite one and add it to the video. 




Step 4: Enhance your video with rich resources and effects


Filmage Editor offers rich built-in resources and effects, including stickers, sound FX, transitions, filters, animation, special effects, etc. Making your videos easily stand out more than others. 


Step 5: Add a title to the video


Don’t forget to add a title at the beginning of the video so viewers can understand what your video is about! You can customize the size, font, color, etc. of the title. In this video, I’ve decided to add “ Merry Christmas ” as the video title! 




Step6: Export the video


At last, you can export the final video! You can share it with your friends or upload it to your social media. It's totally up to you!


Now you should have enough ideas and inspiration to start your Christmas videos. Christmas is on the way, don’t forget to plan and film your videos. Most importantly, editing your videos with an easy and powerful video editor will help a lot. Filmage Editor would be a great choice for you. Download it to have a free trial now!  

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