Top 6 Ideas for Creating An Unforgettable Family Vlog

Thu. 15 Dec. 2022 1563 3 mins

Vlogging is the leading trend these days, it is a creative way for people to share their experiences and lives. Many YouTubers vlog their personal lives. Not only individuals, but families have also started recording their lives.   


However, not everyone can create quality and high engagement vlogs, but what drives a good vlog is the quality of the content. In this article, we will share some great ideas on how to make an unforgettable and meaningful family vlog.

1. Cook and Enjoy Meals Together 


Nowadays, people are always in a hurry and most of the time eat individually. However, the most attractive element in family vlogs is togetherness. Cooking and eating together with family can be the one of the most unforgettable times in your family vlog. It’s a great family vlog idea that is worth trying!  


2. Play Games Together


Most kids love playing games, it is a great way to shorten the distance between parents and children. When the weekend and holiday comes, you can plan fun games or activities that the whole family can participate in. Family vlogs are more fun and enjoyed when the whole family are together especially the kids are involved. You can have a try!  


3. Outdoor Sports


Apart from indoor games or activities, planning outdoor sports in your family vlog is a good idea too, such as a family nature walk, family camping, etc. Getting out into nature offers a special time to enjoy fresh air and scenery. Which is meaningful and unforgettable for your family.     


4. Have a Family Movie


Movies always have a magic that can bring people together. The ideal way to end a busy day is to watch a relaxed and interesting movie with your family. Such activities often bring unforgettable memories. We can laugh, cry with our family together during movie time.     


5. Make Family Art


Doing creative things with your kids can be a fun way to shoot the family vlog. The most common creative activity is painting. Parents and kids putting their imagination and creativity onto paper together. It is a great method to train the creativity of the kids. Parents also can relieve stress during this time. 


6. Travel Together


Another popular family vlog idea is to travel together. People enjoy watching family travel videos on YouTube. Traveling gives you a respite from your daily life and brings a new perspective on it. So plan a family trip and film the happiness and memorable moments!   



If you’re going to make a family vlog but have no idea on how to start. Follow the six ideas and you can create an unforgettable and meaningful family vlog too. Most importantly, editing your family vlog with an easy and powerful video editor will help a lot. Filmage Editor would be a great choice for you. Download it to have a free trial now!   

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