Filmage Editor Version 1.2.0 Brings New Ripple Delete and Add Marker Features

Tue. 08 Feb. 2022 1090 3 min

Filmage, a brand specializing in multimedia softwares, has recently released a brand-new version of Filmage Editor 1.2.0 with tons of advanced features like Ripple Delete, Add Marker, Mask, Record Voice and Import Files. With this update, Filmage aims to bring its video editor to the next level and meet the increasing needs of its Mac users.

“We are excited to unveil the new Filmage Editor in just one month after the last version. We always keep the needs of users in mind and bring their extreme experience,” said Ran Ganesan, the Senior Product Director of Filmage Editor.

“We have added several major features in the latest version. It has introduced track and timeline tools such as Ripple Delete and add Mark to help users improve editing workflow and save time. Plus, the new mask effect feature is designed to make editing more fascinating and creative,” he added.


Here are highlights of Filmage Editor latest version 1.2.0:

  • Ripple delete: This highly advanced technology allows you to automatically delete content that sits between two existing clips and seamlessly merge with one singular click. Editing, trimming, and moving around clips on the timeline will be much easier than before.

  • Add Marker: By using markers to locate, identify, and annotate specific positions, you can quickly visualize what’s going on throughout the edit, which makes your video editing projects infinitely more manageable.

  • Mask Effect: A fascinating effect that helps you outline an area in a video you want to hide, reveal, or modify. Circle, Love, X and other multiple masks can be added to define multiple areas.

  • Record Voice: This feature has been updated in this version and gives your option whether to mute original project or not. This  gets you distracted from the original voice while recording your own voice, and checks your voice quality.

  • Import Files: To deliver a better user experience, the Editor has leveled up its importing features, and supported importing media files with videos, audios and images together.

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Make Your Video Editing Faster and Professional

With these new features, users of Filmage Editor will save their time and effort on editing process, and have more time to focus on creativity.

Just as the concept that Filmage has been pursuing is “Make your workflow simple and life enjoyable with video tools that makes your inspiration into a reality”, Filmage Editor simplifies advanced features to make you create complex and movie-style 4K videos with ease. 

Besides, the video Editor has many  other advanced features such as key frame, efficient multi-track editing, frame by frame editing, color correction, background noise removal and more. Also it contains all basic editing features you need like split, cut, rotate, flip, etc.

Filmage Editor is compatible with Mac 10.14 or later and free download is available. 



About Filmage

Filmage specializes in multimedia softwares. The suite of products includes: Filmage Editor,  a professional and easy-to-use video editing software for Mac; Filmage Screen, a powerful screen recorder  for Mac; Filmage Converter,  an excellent video converter and editor for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android; Filmage Player, a completely free audio and video player for Mac.


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