5 Best Online Video Editing Course Websites for Beginners Turning Pro

Fri. 28 Jan. 2022 1119 3 min

If you want to be YouTubers but don’t know where to start. Taking online video editing courses is a great way. You can learn the art of storytelling and get the skills of editing. Although many of the video classes focus on certain software, fundamental editing skills such as cutting, transitions, layering will be transferable to any editing software. And here we choose the best 5 online video editing course websites for you!

1. Udemy

2. Skillshare

3. Coursera

4. Pluralsight

5. Inside the Edit

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1. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform aimed at digital professionals, containing more than 80,000 courses in total – including many online video editing courses. If you’re a beginner, we’d recommend checking out The Video Editing For Beginners course that teaches the video editing fundamentals you need to know for making and editing a great video story using a smartphone. This course will give you many different practical projects and teach you how to ideate, design, execute and complete a video project.

2. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online training platform where anyone can create and sell their own courses, which makes it a good place to find relatively short video lessons on plenty of topics. The Adobe Premiere Pro course hosted on Skillshare has almost everything new Youtubers need to complete their creative video projects. It concentrates less on theory but more on using creative tools. And it is also a great course for those already familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro.

3. Coursera

Coursera only has a small number of online video editing courses, but the ones it does have are really useful. The most popular Mastering Final Cut Pro course can make you learn everything you need about editing over 40 hours. Because it's self-paced you can stop and retake parts as you want. Now ten thousands of people have already taken this course. Some participants have found the style a bit boring, so be aware you're not getting a live learning experience here.

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4. Pluralsight

Whether you want to learn the basics of Adobe After Effects or become an expert on it, you should go for this After Effect CC Tutorial course. The self-paced course covers topics from beginners to advanced levels. Hence, you get a complete idea about creating, editing, adjusting, and composing videos on After Effect.

5. Inside the Edit

This video editing course website is different from the others listed above, as it doesn’t teach you any software how-to. Instead, it claims itself as “the world’s first creative editing course”. It’s made by professional editors working in big companies. And it details hundreds of specific structural, journalistic and creative techniques used in documentary and entertainment television.

While taking the fundamental video editing course, you should choose a suitable video editing software for yourself. As for beginners who want to find an easy-to-use and affordable video editing software, we strongly recommend Filmage Editor. With the totally step-by-step tutorials, you can easily practice the knowledge you learn from video editing courses.

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