5 Best Valentine’s Day Video Ideas for 2023

Wed. 08 Feb. 2023 862 3 mins

Valentine’s Day is a special day for people to express their love and make others feel loved and appreciated. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is time to think of some romantic ideas on how to celebrate this memorable day with the loved one!


To make this special day to become memorable and last for a lifetime. Why not try to use video to record the moment? Video is one of the best ways to help you fully express your love and passion to your loved one and make this special day extra special. In this article, we’ve prepared 5 best and romantic Valentine’s Day video ideas for you. So let’s get started! 


Create A Video to Share Special Moment 


It must be touching and memorable to create a video of the special moment with your loved one. Make a romantic slideshow video to add the video clips and images of where you went, or the moment you laugh together and other memorable moments spent together. Let all the special moments together become the witness of your passionate love story. 


Don’t forget to add lovely stickers and romantic background music to set the loved-up mood.     

Tell Your Story of Love


Have you ever told your love story to others? It’s a great time to make a video to share your story of love on Valentine’s Day. For example, where, when, and how did you meet? How did you fall in love? And how you ended up confessing your love for each other. Take a trip down memory lane, you must have many memorable moments you’ve been through together.     

Create a Valentine’s Day Video Message


If you are shy or it’s hard for you to express your love to a loved one face to face, there is a great option to express your love in a non-vocal way: create a video message. A video message is one of the easiest ways to let your loved ones know how much your love is and how much they mean to you.       

Make a Video of The Gift Preparation Process


Preparing gifts to each other is a common way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Besides sending the gift to others, you can also make a video of the process of how you prepare the gift, especially if the gift is hand-made, the gift preparation process can be as valuable as the gift itself or even more valuable.          



Propose to Your Beloved With a Romantic Video


There is no doubt that proposing on Valentine's Day is a romantic thing for couples in love and why not try it? And it can be extra special to propose to your beloved with a romantic video. 


Creating a special proposal video with all your unforgettable moments together, asking your loved one to marry you with the video and then popping the question at the end of the video. 



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To create a romantic Valentine’s Day video, besides the creative ideas, you will also need a powerful video editing software. Filmage Editor is such a wonderful tool for you.  


Filmage Editor enables you to cut and merge multiple video footage easily, making customizable subtitles. Record your own voiceover or add romantic music to your video. Moreover, Filmage Editor offers plenty of built-in resources to enhance your video with ease, such as sweet stickers, filters, special effects, etc.  



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