Top 10 Creative Video Project Ideas for Students of Different Education Levels

Wed. 01 Feb. 2023 2601 3 mins

Videos have been used as an efficient way to create and deliver knowledge and information for schools. They are easy to use and enjoy versatility, making learning fun and enjoyable. 


Letting students make video projects themselves is becoming a much more common teaching method for teachers. However, it’s not always easy for students to come up with video project ideas. In this article, we’ll share 10 creative video project ideas for students of different education levels, including elementary students, high school students and higher education students. So let's get started!

Video Project Ideas for Elementary Students

For elementary students, video projects are mostly a way for the teachers to build interest and facilitate comprehension among the students. Let’s check out some video project ideas for this age group: 


1. Create a book report video


Instead of a traditional book report, create a book report video giving students a more creative option to share their experience of reading a book. It helps a lot to get students a deeper understanding and curiosity about the concepts you will be teaching them too!


2. Film a video tour


Letting students create a video tour of a significant location or their favorite part of the school. Which is a great idea to supplement the social studies curriculum for students, also, it is a great way to share the campus with new students and visitors.  


3. Celebrate the holidays


Students can create videos to celebrate their religious or traditional holidays, it helps them be more creative, tolerant and aware of the differences in culture and ethnicities of people around them. 

Video Project Ideas for High School Students

For high school students, the video project ideas can be a little more advanced, as students in this age are in the process of growing their skills and learning more about different subjects.


4. Create a video portfolio


High school students start thinking about college applications. It is a great chance for them to create a portfolio video project to share their interests and passions in specific subject areas. 


5. Share practice records


Students can make video projects of themselves to share practice records about learning or mastering a new skill, such as learning a new language or a musical instrument. It may help the peers get inspired and start moving.   


6. Create a news show


There are always new trends and happenings around us. It is a great idea for students to create a news show to share current happenings in their school or community. Doing a news show helps everyone get involved and promotes teamwork.  

Video Project Ideas for Higher Education Students

In college, video projects are more beneficial for building a valuable skill that college students can take with them to their future jobs, and also helping the students showcase their understanding and interest areas.   


7. Make a college promotion video


College students can try to make a promotional video for the institutions, helping introduce vital research and subject areas in the institution and encourage future students to come study. This is also a good way to get the students to explore interesting aspects of college life.   


8. Record an interview of interesting people


Different people around us have different stories, their experiences, information and advice is a treasure and valuable for us to explore. Students can record an interview of interesting people around them, they can be our fellow students, professors or any other people. These interviews can act as learning aids for the students and help them connect with people in different fields.      


9. Make a self-assessment video


Being able to self-assess is a valuable skill that students need to improve themselves. Making a self-assessment video gives students a more active role in knowing their strong and weak points better, which promotes them to do better. 


10. Make a video resume


For most college students, it is the time to search for jobs before graduation. A video resume helps them highlight the key skills they acquired and the experience they gained during college. Especially when applying to remote or distant positions, video resumes are a great supplement to a paper resume.   

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