Filmage Editor: A Necessary Video Editor for Working From Home

Wed. 08 Jun. 2022 920 3 min

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought big changes to our life and working as we all know it. For many content creators and video editors such as YouTubers, KOLs and post-production teams, or like the digital marketing industry, editing videos is one must skill for their work. They are moving from in-studio or office to at-home working now.


However, how to stay productive and effective while working from home for these people? a suitable video editing tool is the important factor. Today, I'll introduce a professional and easy-to-use Video Editor:Filmage Editor, to help you make excellent videos while working from home. Also, I’ll share several useful tips for editing successful videos from home.


1. Why Choose Filmage Editor? 

2. Tips For Editing Videos From Home     


1. Why Choose Filmage Editor? 


Filmage Editor is a professional but easy-to-use video editor. It is equipped with rich basic features and simplified advanced features which allow you to create movie-style videos with ease even if you’re new to video editing. With a user-friendly interface, you just need to drag and drop media files and start creating!

I’ll introduce some main features of the Filmage Editor that you must need to create marvelous videos while working from home. 

Edit Any Format Videos

When you are working from home, you may need to process videos in any formats that are received from your colleagues. Filmage Editor allows you to edit videos in any format without conversion, and export it in different formats with just one click after editing.       


Rich Video Effect Resources

If basic editing features let you make a complete video, then video effects can help you turn a normal video into a stunning masterpiece. 

Filmage Editor provides rich video effects such as filters, transitions, video animations, special effects, mask and more. Moreover, you can create unique text styles or effects and add funny stickers with this cool video editor. Add fun to your creations!


Multi-track Editing

To satisfy more professional editing demand and meet the needs of editing from home. Filmage Editor supports multiple track video editing. By overlaying multiple videos, audios or images, you can create the picture in picture video, split screen video and more other creative videos.

Easy to Share Your Creations Anywhere 

To share your videos with your co-workers while working from home and ensure they can open the videos without effort. The edited videos by Filmage Editor are compatible with all devices such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy or any other devices. Also, you can instantly upload the videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Tiktok, Instagram and more other social media platforms to share your creations.    

2. Tips For Editing Videos From Home


Prepare A Workspace

If you are going to start working from home, spend some time to plan your home workspace and think about making it more functional for your creative projects. You can buy some accessories like a big monitor, keyboard, comfortable office chair or any tools that help you to turn a home office into a functional video editing studio.

Another important thing is that your workspace is in a spot that is quiet, and you won’t be bothered by your kids or pets.     


Protect Your Time

When you work from home, set up office hours the same as when you work at companies. Also set up non-office hours. Try sticking to your routines as best as you can and be clear with the time off and time on, working hard on office time and taking breaks on non-office time.      


Set Goals

Setting goals benefits a lot to your work, it helps trigger new behaviors, guides your focus and helps you sustain that momentum in life. 

According to a research lead by Dr Edwin Locke and Gary Latham, goals not only affect behavior as well as job performance, but they also help mobilize energy which leads to a higher effort overall. 


Working from home for video editing is not harder than you might expect if you used a suitable video editor. Filmage Editor is such a great editing tool for most people. There are many other powerful features that I didn't mention in this article.Free Download to have a try and start your creative now!

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