How to Edit with Special Effects to Create Cool Videos

Wed. 01 Jun. 2022 923 3 mins

Would you like to make cool videos? Would you like to turn a regular video into a stunning masterpiece? Let the special video effects help you!

No matter if you are professional or new to video editing, adding special effects to your videos is one of the most useful methods to take your videos to the next level. 

And adding video effects is much easier than you might expect. In this article, we will introduce some special video effects that you can use to enhance your video as well as the step-by-step guide about how to use it.

What Kinds of Common Video Effects You May be Interested In?

How to Add Special Effects to Your Video?

What Kinds of Common Video Effects You May be Interested In?

1. Transitions

Generally speaking, a video is composed of a number of video clips and transitions combine them together. It helps to make the switching process between each video clip more dynamic and natural.

2. Filters

As we all know, a well-chosen video filter may benefit your videos a lot. Video creators always use filters to change the mood or atmosphere of videos which can match their creative ideas perfectly. And don’t worry if your videos didn’t match colors very well when shooting. A filter can give your videos a completely different look.

3. Special Effects

Special effects, also known as SFX, are visual tricks or techniques which are widely-used by filmmakers. However, it is not difficult to use if you want to add special effects to make your videos more interesting and cool. There are many video editors that can meet your demand such as Filmage Editor

4. Mask

Mask is a great video effect that allows you to select a specific piece of a video or use shape overlays to hide, duplicate, reveal, or modify your footage. You can use it to create opening animations, hide your undesired footage, create transitions and make the feather effect in videos. 

5. Animation

Animation is another excellent video effect that can make the stickers and text get moving on your videos which helps to make your videos vivid and funny. 

How to Add Special Effects to Your Video?     

How to use these cool special effects? Besides creativity, you may also need a video editing software which allows you to achieve your creativity. Filmage Editor must be your best choice whether you are a professional or a beginner video editor. 

Now follow my steps to learn how to add special effects to your videos with this cool video editor.

Step1: Import your videos

Install and launch Filmage Editor. Click Create Project and then click import media or directly drag your files to media library. Then drag the video files to the timeline.   

Step2: Add special effects to your videos

Now it’s turn to add cool special effects to your videos, select wanted video effects from the “Effects” panel. Below I'll show you the step-by-step guide on how to add a filter to your video as an example.

Filmage Editor provides over 50 filters, you can choose any filter that can match the mood and atmosphere of your video. Drag the filter to the video track or click the ”+” to add it to your video. 


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You can use similar methods to add other special effects to your videos too. To get more help in video editing, please visit the editing tutorials

Step3: Export your videos

Finish all the edits, you can preview and watch your video effect before exporting it. 

If you are satisfied with your video, you can save and export it to your computer and share with others.


Where there are cool videos, there are special effects. Special effects can turn a normal video into an excellent one. But knowing what video effects are suitable for your video is just the first step to creating a cool video, the most important step is learning how to use it on your videos. Filmage Editor is such a professional and easy-to-use video editor. Download it to have a free trial now! 

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