How to Use Videos to Improve Your Customer Support

Thu. 16 Feb. 2023 1015 3 mins

Customer service and support are the key components of businesses which connect the companies and customers. According to the Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report shows that 61% of consumers now view customer service as “very important” in their choice of and loyalty to a brand. 


Meanwhile, videos are the majority of the content viewed on the internet today. Customer support is also getting better results when using videos on customer support, videos can improve customer experience and lead to a higher customer retention rate. 


Here is what you’ll learn in this article.   



Benefits of Using Videos in Customer Support 


Videos are much more clear than text and deliver information more efficiently, using videos in customer support can avoid many troubles. Let’s check out the benefits of using videos in customer support. 


1. Help customers resolve issues quickly


Explaining an issue over the text can be inefficient. Research has shown that customers can get information from video content better, compared to other formats. With video customer support, you can turn your complicated explanation into a video that is easier to digest. 


2. Reduce miscommunication


Videos are intuitive and easy to understand. Using videos in customer support will reduce miscommunication, customers can easily access help through the videos and avoid back-and-forth emails or conversations. 


3. Save time and money


Explaining an issue or introducing a procedure of your product can sometimes take a while. Moreover, with lots of complicated text can leave customers feeling lost and distracted. With video, you can transfer your explanation into a short video that is easier to digest. Furthermore, video is reusable and can be watched anywhere and anytime.    



How to Use Videos for Customer Support


There are several use cases for how you can use videos to improve customer support experience.   


Explainer videos


Explainer videos are one of the best use cases for videos in improving customer support experience. They are widely used to simplify complex issues. You can make explainer videos to demonstrate your product or how your product solves the customer’s problems. Explainer videos are often more effective than the FAQ pages of your website. 


Product demo videos


According to research, 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product through videos. Which means it is a great opportunity to introduce your product to potential customers. Product demo videos can quickly and intuitively describe the features of your product or service, which can drive customer’s engagement and lead to a higher conversion rate.     


Create customer onboarding videos


Customer onboarding is an essential part to help new customers adapt your products easily and teach your new customers how to use your product correctly. It is the very first important step to build up customer’s loyalty to a brand. 


Screen capture videos


Screen capture video is widely used for tech support teams. It can be used to explain some complicated instructions which are difficult to write the steps clearly and not easy for others to understand and follow. Screen capture video provides an easy-to-understand and much quicker way to convert complex text instructions to intuitive operations. It helps a lot to solve issues quickly and improve customer satisfaction.    



Using video in customer support is a quicker and effective way to improve customer support experience and satisfaction. Building your own video library for different customer scenarios and issues, it will become easier for you to build customer loyalty to your brand. 


Follow the above tips and use cases that we shared to start your new customer support journey with creative, fun video content right now!    


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