3 Reasons Why Tech Support Team Should Use Screen Capture

Tue. 28 Dec. 2021 1606 3 mins

Most companies have a Tech Support Team, which provides assistance and technical support to either companies or customers that are experiencing technical, hardware, or software issues. 

When everything is going well, nobody contacts the tech support team, people only contact when they come across tech issues during work. However, it’s hard to troubleshoot the problem if people can’t describe exactly what happened. 

In many cases, the standard solution from a tech support request might be to type out the needed steps to solve user’s or colleagues’ issues. However, there are some complicated instructions that are difficult to write the steps clearly or it is not easy for others to understand and follow. Fortunately, we found a better way.

Screen capture solved this problem well, it can provide an easy-to-understand and much quicker way to convert complex text instructions to intuitive operations. Below I'll share three reasons why the tech support team should use screen capture.

1. 3 Reasons Why Tech Support Team Should Use Screen Capture

2. How to Make Tech Support Videos Easily?

3. Why Choose Filmage Screen?

1. 3 Reasons Why Tech Support Team Should Use Screen Capture

Convey clear information

When you show instead of tell, visuals are much more clear than text. which can avoid lots of back-and-forth emails or conversations and follow-up questions. Using visuals lets you show your intention clearly and tell others what is important. Moreover, according to research, people following instructions with text and images or video demonstrations run 120% better than those who follow instructions without visuals.

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Save time 

Explaining an issue over the text can be inefficient, because most people contact tech support for solving the problem as soon as possible, they may spend lots of time trying to solve it by themselves. Users have almost lost patience to understand what these instructions mean. 

Instead, offering visual instructions avoids these troublesome issues happening, it helps to solve user’s problems quickly, also, tech support saves a lot of time in typing a long email to explain the problem. Saving time for both sides. 

Conquer language barriers

If your users come from all over the world and use different languages, it will be much more difficult to communicate with your users effectively. While there are kinds of translation tools to use, it may lose real meaning in translation. Adding images or video demonstrations into your tech support makes it easier to get the point across quickly and effectively.  

2. How to Make Tech Support Videos Easily?

Besides making screen captures, a screen recording video is also perfect for the tech support team. Record a demo video of yourself walking through the steps in real time, so people can follow it step-by-step. Also, tech support members can make videos about solving common problems, it saves lots of time to solve the same issues again. 

To make tech support videos, there is an easy way by using Filmage Screen. This software is easy to use, allowing you to capture any activities from your screen and make intuitive demo videos for tech support. With this app, you can easily create product demonstrations, tutorials, presentations, etc. 

3.  Why Choose Filmage Screen?

Filmage Screen is an all-in-one video software for screen recording, editing and converting videos, it helps users to easily record the screen and edit or share their videos. The user-friendly interface ensures that everyone can use it easily. 

Various features help to make intuitive and engaging videos for your users. Below are the most useful functions which are needed to make a tech support video.

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Record any area of your screen

Filmage Screen allows you to capture your screen with audio from any size such as full screen or custom area, what’s more, it supports recording a specific window with mouse movements whether it moves or being covered. 

HD Recording

The software supports capturing HD videos in 4K/1080P/720P, frame rate from 15fps to 60 fps. showing your videos clearly without missing every detail to your users. 

Picture in picture mode

Apart from recording your screen, Filmage Screen also allows you to capture your webcam while you are recording the screen. It helps to better convey your intention and let your user understand well, what’s more, your users will think you are talking face to face, which makes your videos more memorable and engaging. 

Various Annotations Tools

In the editing mode, Filmage Screen offers many types of annotation tools such as text box, shapes, arrows, freehand drawing, etc. It lets your users figure out your point and understand you well, which is essential for tech support video.  



Using a screen capture or videos is a great way to quickly and effectively offer assistance to your customers, which can help tech support teams save lots of time and reduce trouble. Also, customers can understand you well and solve the problem quickly. Filmage Screen is such a great tool to help you achieve this goal easily, it offers a 7-days free trial now, download it and have a try! 

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