Why Use Video for Internal Communications

Fri. 21 Apr. 2023 838 3 mins

Millennials and Gen Z are changing the way to communicate in the workplace. Data from the Research.com team, 74% of trainers preferred to use video for internal communications over tedious company memos and newsletters, especially useful for improving communication and employee training. So you are not alone, many company staff stand behind you and prove that you have an excellent eye to choose using video for internal communication. When you start thinking outside the box, that is where captivating video and storytelling come in. 


First of all, you need to know what internal communication video is? It is responsible for effectively communicating and provides a flow of information between a business and employees.  


Let’s move on to the second, why should you consider using video for internal communication? 3 reasons are listed below, continue to discover them. 


3 Reasons of Using Video for Internal Communications


1) Video is more engaging and appealing


Being an owner or employee of a company, what makes good inner communication is often your key query. When it comes to how to simplify complicated communications, many employees always favor video rather than lengthy or tedious e-mails. It can help express anything necessary, making employees more interested and attentive, which will lead to better performance in their job. 


2) Video is easy to use and easy to distribute


Video was one of the most expensive and time-consuming media to craft. Now many video tools have good performance that are easier to use than ever, allowing to keep employees informed with dynamic and engaging internal communications. One of the biggest traits of them is easy to distribute among groups, for example, Filmage Screen supports desktop + cloud one-stop service, which allows you to share your videos by Emails box ( iCloud / Google) , AirDrop and more. What you need to do is just simple clicks.


3) Video can avoid misunderstanding and build bonds


Emails are hard to get complicated points across, and your tone may be misinterpreted by the receiver, which is really a trouble in the internal communication. While if used correctly, video can help to build strong team bonds and foster a sense of community among employees. It opens up a world of possibilities for team building and employee engagement.


Some Types of Internal Communications 


Next, we will share with you some valuable information on types of internal communication and some great examples of using video for it. 


1) HR Recruitment Communication: 


If you are a Human resource, the video will be a great assistant for your work. It’s quite common for you to recruit employees or build good brand awareness for your company, but how to correctly deliver the information you want to express? How to help your company stand out from crowds to get good job candidates? 


You can use Employee Spotlight Videos or Company Profile Videos


By doing this, you can showcase your current employees and their stories by highlighting them with a video. Or share your company values, history, an office tour, or any other interesting parts of your company to create anticipation for potential hires. So you could record them with the Filmage Screen that supports high resolution up to 4k. The more humane office publicity the more favored by job seekers. 


2) Employee Training Communication: 


When it comes to how to effectively training employees especially for onboarding cases, just try Employee Training Videos! This will be greatly useful to  improve employee retention. 


Instead of typing email instructions, you can now stimulate them from the visual aspect, or you can try the PIP modes of video recording, meaning that you can show yourself in front of the camera to explain a work process. Then they will gain a better understanding of the job and grasp the concept faster, also you can send training videos out in bulk. This way is much faster than trying to find old email threads in an inbox. 


Anyway, if needed, you can check how to Create Effective Onboarding Videos here. 


3) FAQ Internal Communication: 


If you are always answering the same questions related to work over and over again, you should consider creating an FAQ Internal Video to answer the most popular questions your employees ask! 


Such videos can replay at any time when your employee needs it. Filmage Screen supports replay videos at 2x or 4x speeds, which will greatly save time and improve efficiency. 


4) Leadership Messages: 


Using video to keep and record the leadership message in the meeting is key to any internal communications strategy. 


Compared to the brain memory recall, on the one hand, video recording is a more convenient way that can avoid missing the important details of meeting. And as mentioned before, using video can help employees keep information lasting. For instance, in the project recap meeting, you can record an overview of a project to ensure the correctness of the leadership message. It’s a fun way to keep employees engaged and informed, and also a great way to improve the effects of the project recap. Luckily, Filmage Screen has designed some very reliable features for this purpose: screen recording (PIP mentioned above), audio-only recording, and even support you to customize scheduled recording without time-limited. 


5) Announcements of Corporate Policy or Event


Video helps express anything necessary, from company culture and values to changes in policy or procedure. 


If you want to communicate some new policy on corporate, try an Announcement Video


Health and wellness is a great example of how internal communications in the workplace can be improved. Create videos addressing health issues that employees might be susceptible to. Such as you can use video to illustrate precautions that employees should take due to pandemic. Maybe you should use some videos that support system and microphone recording, helping your tone delivery more clearly. Well, Filmage Screen is best suits your needs, you can freely choose the audio sources that you want to record. 


Besides, if you wanna inform some events, just try an Event Promotion Video


Event promotion videos are a great way to get employees excited about upcoming events. Better still it is, it can visualize complex and lengthy text-based content into a few minutes of video and help you to generate buzz and build anticipation.


Wrap Up


This blog is to show you just how powerful visualizing video can be for you and your company, with Filmage Screen, we hope this blog can inspire you to improve internal communications and bond your teams more closely! 


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