How to Create Effective Onboarding Videos

Fri. 14 Apr. 2023 980 3 mins

If you are having trouble with how to improve employee retention, then this article is too good to pass up.


Onboarding is an inevitable part of the workplace. Whether you are a new employee, or one of the individuals responsible for onboarding training such as human resource or manager. Providing effective onboarding is often the most challenging.


For instance, if you hired a new employee named Joe and failed to give him or her an effective onboarding, then everything starts getting worse. Joe may take a very long time to learn how everything works well rather than integrate into the team and enjoy the moments. Next, you may find Joe cannot work efficiently and provide quality work, followed the result is Joe quitting the job. 


The neglect of onboarding caused Joe to quit, and how to help many Joes to be productive? Good companies often choose to use videos for the onboarding process. 




In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you should use videos for onboarding, how to create an effective onboarding video, and share some examples of good onboarding videos. Let’s get started.


Why You Should Use Videos for Onboarding?


1). Benefits of Onboarding video


Onboarding usually is a process that is meant to help new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective company members and insiders.


1. Give a lasting first impression


Setting a good first impression of the company will strengthen the determination of new employees to stay, lowering the odds that they seek out other opportunities. Using textual onboarding is a last resort, you need to consider using a visual and memorable onboarding video! Not only can you quickly immerse them in the company’s work culture, but also show newcomers what to expect from your corporation.


2. Easier to integrate employees into the team


As employees begin settling in, they need to quickly get specialized in the role the company hired them for. Onboarding videos can help them well integrate into the team by showing the day-to-day operations of their new job. It can help them easily understand how everyone contributes to the team, and their chance to grow in their career path.


However, this can only work when you do the onboarding process properly, so you need to continue learning what constitutes a good onboarding video.


2). Structure for making good onboarding videos


1. Overview of the company


Start your onboarding videos by discussing what the company does, its vision and mission, who is in charge, and how many teams it has. Invisibly integrate the company culture into this part of your presentation. 


2. Brief introduction of the team


It may be difficult for new hires to remember the CEO and other leaders at your workplace. So it would be helpful to make a brief introduction of the team members the new hires will be working with. Besides, you can impress them with photos and recorded audio clips. 


3. Present the job description


In this important part, you need to pay more attention, since it is directly related to the work contents of newcomers. You need to help employees understand what their main and secondary responsibilities are, and establish an awareness of the working regime. So to avoid any misunderstanding, you can try using picture-in-picture videos to convey your messages.


4. Appealing working entitlements


If your company offers appealing working conditions to your employees, don't forget to advertise this, which is always good for retaining new employees. 


3). Goals of Effective Onboarding Videos


In addition to the above-mentioned, a compelling onboarding video should clarify what kind of purpose you want to realize, which will guide you on how to structure the content. If you figure out, next you should consider picking a very effective video tool for your onboarding, the all-in-one Filmage Screen is perfect for your needs. You can finish recording, editing, and sharing onboarding videos in one software.


How to Use Filmage Screen to Create An Onboarding Video?


Step 1): Install the program on your mac


You can click here to install Filmage Screen onto your Mac, then open it to begin the installation process.



Step 2):  Configure your preferred settings


There are 4 recording tools in the main menu, you can choose the way you want to record onboarding videos, we recommend “Screen Mode” here.



Then a toolbar will pop up for you to set up details, you can change the high definition of your video that supports up to 4K, or customize the recording area including full screen, 16:9 (widescreen), and more. Also, the 30-frame rate (fps) is our recommendation. 



Well, you can freely choose the audio sources that you want to record, or choose the “System sound & Microphone” here to record them both together.



If you wanna experience the PIP modes, that is, to record your computer screen and webcam simultaneously, all you need to do is to slide the camera button as below. 



Step 3): Start the Recording


Very easy to use, click on the red “Rec” button or press the hotkey of “⌘1” on your keyboard to start the recording. The program will count down 3 seconds before starting the record. 



You can press the red “Rec” again or “⌘2” to stop the recording. The video will be automatically saved in a folder on your Mac.


Examples of Good Onboarding Videos


1). Google’s Interns’ first week


Google is known for having one of the best employee onboarding processes in the business. It is smart to introduce the company’s culture through the eye of ‘interns’. It includes interviews with other interns about their experiences working at Google, how they handle work-life balance, and a visual tour of their office’s surroundings.


2). BambooHR: Work life balance


With a 2-minutes video, Bamboo makes itself stand out from Employer Branding wise, which is highly creative and has a broad appeal. It not only claims to balance work and life and also shows its employees at work and after work in different contexts.


Wrap UP


With the wonderful video suite of Filmage Screen, onboarding videos can help your new hires feel welcomed and confident, speeding up the integration process in the team. Of course, we hope this blog will guide you on how to make effective training based on your goal by leveraging onboarding videos!


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