How to Create Your Own Video Tutorial on Mac?

Fri. 16 Oct. 2020 2631 5 min

When you want to learn how to do something new or need to fix something, what do you do? A lot of people go to YouTube and search for a video tutorial to help them figure out how to do it. Whether you are taking QA tests, interviews or educational resources, a video tutorial is the most effective way to explain how to use a product, complete a task, solve a problem, or accomplish a procedure.

Today we will introduce you to an excellent video tutorial maker, Filmage Screen Recorder, which is easy-to-use to create your own video tutorial on Mac.

How to record a video tutorial?

While you want to create a video tutorial, you have to record your screen at first. Filmage Screen Recorder is an all-in-one video software which supports Mac screen recording, iOS(iPhone/iPad) screen recording, camera recording and audio recording. Here are the steps about how to record your Mac screen:

1.Open Filmage Screen and click Screen;

2.You can choose a specific window or customize the recording area size;

3.Filmage Screen also supports picture-in-picture recording mode which records both the screen and camera. If you are creating educational course video, it will be helpful;

4.You can pause/resume while recording. Take control of your own workflow;

5.After stopping the recording, you can directly edit this video.

How to make a video tutorial?

You can not only edit videos recorded by Filmage Screen, but also it’s available to edit local videos with Filmage Screen. Here are the features about how can you make a clear video tutorial with ease:

1.Launch Filmage Screen, click Video Editor and import the video to be edited;

2.Trim and merge the video: you can cut the unwanted clips from your video;

3.Add text box:

- Click on Text box and click anywhere on the video to add text. 

- You can customize font color, fill color, font border, the style of text(Bold/Italic/Underline) and more dynamic effect to explain the video. 

- You can also create personalized subtitles as text watermarks for copyright protection.

4.Add shapes:

- Click on Add shapes, choose rectangle/oval/arrow/line and draw directly on the video to point out a specific area. 

- You can change the Border Width and Color according to your needs.

5.Apply freehand drawing:

- Click on Add freehand drawing, choose Pen to write and draw on the video like you do with a pen. Highly customize the shape and position. 

- You can use the Eraser when something goes wrong.

- It’s also available to choose different colors and change the thickness.

6.Insert background music:

- Click on Add Musics to import local audio files or iTunes music.

- Choose a music file and click “+” to insert it in the video as its background music.

7.Create voiceover to explain your video:

- Click on Record voiceover and click the red button to start and stop recording the voiceover.

- After the recording is complete, you can choose the voiceover and drag it to any position on the timeline.

A video about how to edit a video and make it a video tutorial is also available, subscribe to Filmage Pro’s channel to learn more.

Filmage Screen contains a professional video editing suite which helps create useful video tutorials, including QA test videos, educational videos, operation videos about solving a problem and more. When the video tutorial is done, you could share it with your customers, your friends and your students, or you can directly upload it to Youtube or Vimeo.

By the way, let’s welcome Filmage Video Converter for iOS! It's an Universal App and you can enjoy it across iPhone, iPad & Mac! It’s a light and fast video/audio converter, audio extractor and compressor. Convert your media files in a second! 

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