Top 4 Free Gameplay Recording Software for Mac 2020

Thu. 17 Dec. 2020 5320 3 min

Many game lovers play good tricks on games, and they often have a desire to share their excellent gameplay clips or game tricks with their friends through FaceBook. You can even create your own YouTube Channel to share your game tricks and funny games with more people! So, how to share your excellent gameplay? Recording your screen can be the easiest way. An useful screen recorder can be very beneficial for Gaming YouTubers or any game lovers. Today, we will recommend 4 free solutions for you to record gameplay on mac. If you are looking for a great app to record your screen, just read this post!

Top Free Gameplay Recorder: Filmage Screen Recorder

If you want to record gameplay on mac, Filmage Screen Recorder is your best choice. With this screen recorder, you can capture anything from their screen including gameplay. You can easily record screen, camera or both of the two! After recording, you also can edit the recorded gameplay to add titles or subtitles. So easy to use as it is a combination of video recorder and video editor. Moreover, Filmage Screen helps convert video to any format so that it can be uploaded to different websites, if there are format limitations on these websites. Download now to have a 7-day free trial!

Here are the steps to record gameplay with Filmage Screen recorder:

1.Free download and launch Filmage Screen;

2.Click Screen, then click Preferences to make some necessary settings like shortcuts, cursor effects, output folder and more. Support up to 60FPS.

3.After that, open the game and go to the scene that you want to record;

4.Back to Filmage Screen, then choose the area that you want to record. You can also choose Window Recording to make all activities on this window can be recorded even though this window is moved or covered.

5.As a gaming YouTuber, you will need open picture in picture mode to record both webcam and screen and make some explanations while playing games.

6.Then click the red button to start recording. You can pause and resume during the recording.

7.To end the recording, click the stop button and the file will be saved on the output folder that you have set.

8.After recording, use the Filmage Screen directly to edit your video. You can cut the unwanted part of your video, make some annotations, add subtitles and more. Filmage Screen offers an easy connection with YouTube for uploading your captured and edited videos.

Best Gameplay Recording Software for Mac

1.QuickTime Player

This application is a default media player and screen recorder of your mac. You don’t need to install it. Open the app or window you want to record, then press Shift+Command+5 to open the system’s screen capture tool. From the bottom toolbar, you can opt to capture the entire screen, just the selected window, or a selected portion of the screen. 


ScreenFlick is a Mac OS compatible recorder that is capable of recording smooth fluid motion of up to 60 frames per seconds. This tool can record video and audio simultaneously, which is great in capturing any gameplay. It also has the ability to show the keyboard commands and put highlights on mouse clicks. However, this tool has no output settings, and the trial version puts a watermark in the middle of the video recording which is quite annoying.


This tool is specially designed for Mac users with highly interactive and easy-to-use editing features. It is available for free and probably pre-installed on every computer. It can improve the quality of recording with the reduction of noise automatically. This software is used to do self engineering for video capturing by adjusting quality levels for enhancement. 

Games enrich our entertainment. We often have a desire to share our happiness and our tricks to others. All these tools that we recommended in this post can help you record your tricks and funny moments during the gameplay. Sharing can be a good experience, isn’t it? With Filmage Screen, not only can you record gameplay, but also mirror your gameplay on iPhone to Mac so that you can share this game with all your friends and family. Free download Filmage Screen and enjoy the 7-day free trial to use all advanced features!

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