How to Add Background Music to a Video: a full guide

Fri. 10 Sep. 2021 1454 3 min

Video is essential for teaching, training, sharing knowledge, and explaining concepts. No matter who your audience is, video helps them learn better.


Background music can add more interest to your videos, making them even more engaging and entertaining. The good news is that adding music to videos is pretty simple while using Filmage Screen.


How do you add music to a video? Where can you find music? Read more to learn how to add background music to a video.


This guide will help you to add background music from the following steps:

1. How to Add Music to a Video?

2. How to Choose the Right Music for a Video?

3. Where Can I Find Music?


1. How to Add Music to a Video?

It’s pretty simple to add music to a video. In this section, we’ll assume you have the music file you want to use, but later in this article we’ll share tips on where you can find music for your videos.


Step 1: Get Filmage Screen

First of all, free download Filmage Screen to get the best video editor for adding background music to your video.


Step 2: Import Your Media File (Video & Audio)

In Filmage Screen, there are several ways to import video and audio files. Please click on Video Editor and you can select a video from your local files. After entering the editing interface, please click Add Musics to import your audio files.


Step 3: Add the Audio to the Video

All you need to do is to click Add music to add this background music to this video.


Step 4: Adjust the Audio to Fit Your Needs

After adding the audio, you may find out that the audio is too long or it was placed in the wrong position. How to handle this problem? You just need to drag the audio in the audio track and move it anywhere. Also, you can drag the audio’s edge to control its duration.

2. How to Choose the Right Music for a Video?

There’s a difference between adding music and adding the right music. Before you choose your music, think about what type of video you’re creating. For a video showing software or product features, you’ll probably want something upbeat and positive.


You want your viewers to feel good when they’re seeing your product. Other types of videos may need something more somber. Who can forget the various animal rescue commercials that are all over our TVs?

The right music enhances the experience for your viewers, while the wrong music can send the wrong message entirely.


3. Where Can I Find Music?

How can finding music be a challenge? I mean, music is everywhere, right? I have 70 GB of music on my iPhone right now. I’ll just use some of that music.


Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy?


Unfortunately, most of the music you own is effectively off-limits. That music is copyrighted (owned by someone else) and, if you use it, you’ll owe the copyright owner money (called “royalties”) for every time someone views your video.


Ever wonder why restaurants always seem to have their own birthday song rather than just singing “Happy Birthday To You” when it’s your birthday? Same reason. Someone actually owned the rights to that song until 2016 and restaurants would have had to pay royalties every time it was sung in their restaurants.


So where do you find the music you can use? Well, unless you want to compose your own music, the easiest answer lies in royalty-free music.



Adding background music to your video can let your audiences remember and love your videos. After choosing the right music without limits, you can easily add music to videos with Filmage Screen! Watch a video tutorial to learn more about how to add music to a video. Filmage Screen is not only a screen recorder, but also a video editor which enables you to make video tutorials, online courses, etc. Get a 7-day free trial of Filmage Screen now!


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