5 Useful Ways Students Can Take Advantage Of Screen Recording

Wed. 27 Jul. 2022 1294 3 mins

Nowadays, we are living in a digital world where everything that happens on a computer screen. In this world, screen recording has become a trend and brings a lot of convenience to our life especially to our study. 


As a student, a screen recorder may not exactly be on your list of useful apps, but it should be. Screen recorder can capture everything on the computer screen. It can be a handy tool that helps you to learn more effectively.   


Today, we’d like to share 5 useful ways that you can take advantage of screen recording to improve your study efficiency.



1. Record Online Courses or Lectures


Today, with the growing popularity of online learning, billions of courses are now hosted every day around the world.


A problem with online courses or lectures is that you can’t watch them when the video playback is over or a course has expired. You also can’t view online courses if there is no internet connection.  


Don’t worry, all you need is a screen recorder. It solves the problem well. Screen recording enables you to record the online courses or lectures ahead of time and you can watch the recorded videos from anywhere and anytime.   



2. Record Online Thesis Defense


If you’re about to complete a graduate degree, you will need to prepare to defend your thesis or dissertation. However, due to the COVID-19 period, most colleges are moving to an online defense. 


Thesis defense is an important moment and last hours of your college life. Screen Recording can help you to record the precious moments without regrets.



3. Save Useful Online Videos


There are lots of useful online learning videos from different websites that delve into practically every topic imaginable. And some are online streaming videos. So there is a problem, you can not watch the videos again after that specific time.  


Screen recording allows you to record the video and save it, including live streams or video courses from any websites. Which enables you to watch it offline or even transfer it to other devices and access anytime and anywhere. 



4. Make Video Presentations


Video presentations are very hot in the classroom now as they make their work fun, engaging, and interesting. Students can create video presentations to teach a topic to the class and show their creativity. ​​


Screen recording can also make video presentations that you may not know before. It can help you to make eye-catching video presentations in 4 easy steps:


  • Import your presentation slides.


  • Record video with your webcam if you need to show up on your video presentation.


  • Adding visual elements, images, annotations, music, and other clips to make an awesome video presentation.


  • Get your presentation video: It will be created in just a few minutes.



5. Get Help More Quickly And Effectively


Have you ever been stuck with a particular software or computer tech issue? However, when you tried to get help but struggled to describe the issue, right? Actually, it’s really hard to troubleshoot the problem if you can’t describe exactly what happened.   


Fortunately, screen recording solved this problem well. Instead of describing it by using words, you can use screen recording to convert complex text to visual videos. Then share the videos so that you can get the assistance you need. Which makes the issue solved more quickly and effectively. 





By now you should be able to see how screen recording could help you out in many ways as a student. The 5 ways we shared are not all, you can explore more and find other ways you feel it could be useful.  


All that you need to get started is to find a suitable screen recorder. Filmage Screen must be a great choice for you. It is packed with almost all the functions you need to achieve the 5 ways easily. 


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