Filmage Editor Transitions: Make Your YouTube Videos into Blockbuster

Sat. 02 Apr. 2022 1232 3 min

Are you a big fan of YouTube? Do you want to be a popular YouTuber? More and more people film videos to tell stories or show their creative ideas, they even can make movies with cell phones! Like some short comedies, fantasy films, and so on. To make the videos and movies more smooth, it is essential to add transitions between two footage. When used correctly, video transitions can add a whole new dimension to your content, and unlock a ton of creativity. Some YouTubers’ videos look like blockbusters. But with the wrong transitions or overuse of video effects can quickly become distracting for your viewers, and detract from the overall video quality of your videos. According to this, how do we choose the right transition? Let's learn how to choose video transition effects from this blog. 

Transition 1: Fade to black

Transition 2: Blend

Transition 3: Vertical blur

What kind of transitions are there in Filmage Editor?

Transition 1: Fade to black;

Fade to black is a transition where the footage gradually turns into black. It is mainly used at the end of the video to slowly bring the audience into the plot or out of the plot. For example,the transition is always used in your YouTube movies, to express many years later. And at the end of the story, if you want to say something special to the audience.


Image Source: Pixabay

Transition 2: Blend;

Blend is a transition effect with a very soft transition effect. The previous footage becomes transparent slowly and the next one will be revealed. With the development of the Internet, we have more means to keep good experiences in our minds. I bet you have taken hundreds of photos during the girls' party, didn't you? Making a video album is a nice choice to keep your beautiful memory, and Blend transition effect can let your photo transfer smoothly or blend the change from one scene to another.  


Image Source: Pixabay

On the other hand, Blend transition effect can be used to express a scene in which someone had just woken up from a coma.

Transition 3: Vertical blur;

Do you like fantasy movies? Spider-Man, Iron Man, Transformers… It only takes two seconds for them to move from one place to another. Using Vertical blur transition effect, you are also able to do it! This special effect has some serrated transition effects, creating a sense of time travel. 

Of course, many transition effects are also often used, and here is only a basic introduction, so that you can grasp the context of video editing. Design transition effects from your plot perspective.

What kind of transitions are there in Filmage Editor?

In Filmage Editor, there are classic transitions that are used frequently. They are enough for your daily vlog editing needs. You can have a clip fade in or out, dissolve into another clip, zoom in to another clip, and so on. It will help you to make more creative videos.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 7.09.43 PM

It’s easy to use the Filmage Editor to add the transitions between clips. Just drag the transition to the video track. Also, you can click the transition that is added to adjust its duration. Last but not least, you can export the right format for Youtube directly.


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