Up to 50% OFF on Black Friday Sale, Filmage Family Inspire Your Creativity!

Mon. 22 Nov. 2021 858 4 min

As the global wave of sales — Black Friday approaches, brands are discounting and rushing to sell their products. This is a great time to shop because people can save a lot of money than usual. In addition to living products, work supplies are also very worth buying. For example, the education crowd may need a screen recorder to record online classes or make demo videos, while YouTubers may need a video editing software to polish and fancify their regular video footage. Excellent multimedia softwares can make a profit for you to achieve efficient work and life.

Directly to the point, the Filmage series of products meet both of the above needs. So during Black Friday Sale, buying Filmage softwares is the most appropriate option. Up to 50% OFF, Filmage family inspires your creativity! It's packed with a screen recorder, video editor and converter! 

1. Save 50% By Bundling Up

2. Save 40% For Single Purchase

3. Previous User Comments

1. Save 50% By Bundling Up 

There are two valuable star combination packages for you. Get a 50% discount here!

Filmage Screen (Lifetime) & Filmage Editor (6 Months) 


Pro Online Courses Maker 

- Picture in picture mode, record screen and camera simultaneously

- Add subtitles, stickers, transitions, animations to enrich your videos

- Adjust video size / quality, share directly to YouTube

Price: $39.99 $69.99

Filmage Converter (Lifetime) & Filmage Editor (6 Months) 


Any Format Video Solution 

- Convert from or to 1000+ video / audio formats, like MP4, MOV, M4V, VOB, etc

- Customize / compress video to a suitable size, make further edits in Filmage Editor

- Split / crop / remove background noises, create keyframe animations to your video

Price: $29.99  $59.99

2. Save 40% For Single Purchase

Enjoy the benefits by purchasing directly. Filmage Editor, Filmage Screen, and Filmage Converter are all on the 40% discount!

Filmage Editor (6 Months)


Make Video Editing Simplified

- Unlimited tracks and linkable resources elements

- Split, merge, trim your video with simple clicks or shortcuts

- Add stickers, texts, filters, pictures, sound fx, transitions, mosaics

- Customize keyframe animations and speed adjustments

- Share your masterpieces to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok, etc

Price: $23.99  $39.99

Filmage Screen (Lifetime)


Ideal Screen Recorder

- Record customized area or a target window

- Record Mac and iOS screen, webcam and audio 

- Add texts, freehand drawing, subtitle, music or voiceover

- Play MP4, FLV, WMV, VOB, AVI, MOV and other all video formats

Price: $17.99  $29.99

Filmage Converter (Lifetime)


Video & Audio Converter

- Convert video files from or to any format like MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, 1000+ formats

- Supported audio outputs: MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, WAV, AIFF, FLAC and more

- Convert videos for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Huawei, Xbox, Samsung, etc for better playing

- Batch converter converts multi-tasks to save your time

Price: $5.99  $9.99

3. Previous User Comments

Filmage softwares has received wide attention and gained a large number of different user groups. Let's see how previous users rated Filmage Screen, Filmage Editor and Filmage Converter!

“I can't even compare it to any other software. Really great that you can capture your screen, camera, audio, and even iOS devices. Filmage Screen is incredible. There are unlimited recording minutes, and it is very easy to learn. Actually it is the best”

—— Zezo duda, Game & App Developer

“I searched a lot to find a good app for screen recording. Filmage Screen was by far better than others.”

—— Alitlou, Senior Brand Manager

“I have tried multiple screen recording apps. Filmage Screen is by far the best. It video and audio records and the quality is A1. I like to use it to record my classes so I can always go back to refer to anything I may have missed. Thanks for being awesome!”

—— Goody bear, College Student

“I got notice of an update, I wanna say yesterday, that fixed my former problem. I probably will still keep the other editing software. But it's way better than before, well deserved 5 stars, can't go wrong with this program, very user friendly! I've bounced between 2 other video / editing services & Filmage by far the best one. I will be keeping this!”

—— FalseRhythms, Marketing


“I am really impressed with this app that I stumbled on. The interface is very simple. Amazing amount of codec support, resolutions, frame rates! I like that they give you some options to do this at no charge - a fair limitation. The icing though is if you want to open it up to all options and no watermark, there is no subscription. It’s a one time buy. Exactly what I look for. If you need a video file converter, this is the app for you.”

—— Matt Indy, Jewelry Designer

“I have summer homework to edit small videos, and I accidentally found this app. It looks cool. I downloaded the trial and found that Filmage Editor is very useful! Easily complete my summer assignment! Looking forward to developing more new features”

—— Lyyyyfree, Student

“Best of all, it merges videos! The company's annual meeting needs to play the video of previous years together, do a review, if a single play will always be interrupted, the effect is not good. With Filmage Converter I can combine these videos, play them smoothly and work very well!”

—— Selina, Assistant

“I think Filmage Converter is very easy to use and convenient! Several files dragged together without crashes or other errors, conversion speed and quality are high!”

—— Emily S, Vlogger


Now you have learned about the Filmage series apps. During Black Friday Sale in 2021, Filmage's two star packages are available at half price, and individual items can be bought at 40% discount. It's a great deal, don't miss out on this offer! 

Enjoy Filmage Family's Black Friday Sale and get the biggest discount of this year! Contact us if you have any issues at [email protected]. We are here to help you with warm and intimate service.

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