How to Get Started With Your Editing Career

Fri. 22 Oct. 2021 1298 4 min

With the popularity of short videos, a surging number of people have been heavily devoted to making videos. More and more people are turning to video editing as a career, or as a Vlogger. Lots of them become vloggers and gain large followers and wealth. 

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So how to get started video editing as a novice, and become a vlogger or a video editor? Might as well read this blog, maybe it can give you some inspiration.

1 Find your favorite or appropriate video style

2 Looking for inspiration

3 Learn how to use editing software

1. Find your favorite or appropriate video style

Find your favorite or appropriate video style

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Before making a video, it is most important to find your theme or style. 


Choose a theme that interests you most, such as sports, music, dance, games, food, etc. First choose a direction that best suits your video. If you're not sure what you can choose, think about the areas in which you've been praised and where you might have outstanding talent. 


For example, if you are interested in food in daily life and have a unique and objective opinion about it. If you can even tell skim milk from regular milk by its color. Try being a food YouTuber. For another example, if you are curious about many things around you and like to explore how things work, try becoming a lifestyle Youtuber. 

There are many different styles of videos, and a good theme is conducive to establishing personal labels on the video platform, thus increasing the attention of fans. Decide a video style as soon as possible, the video editing will be successful in half.

2. Looking for inspiration

Looking for inspiration

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Once you've identified the video style you want to make, you can look for your creative inspiration. 

As a newcomer, the first thing I would recommend is imitation. You can search YouTube or TikTok for excellent Vloggers in the same direction as you, or select some popular Vloggers. 

If you want to be a food Vlogger, you can first look at those excellent video Vloggers, refer to what title or content they choose to attract the attention of the audience, it may be "Challenge a week to eat only instant noddles, what will happen to my body" or "The Try Guys Bake Macarons Without A Recipe" and so on, you can also go to YouTube search high ranking food videos, then you will know what your audience cares about and what gets their attention. 

You can also check out the latest trends on Twitter or Instagram. Videos related to these trends can also get a lot of attention.

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3. Learn how to use editing software

For a new editor, it’s necessary to learn how to edit a video before you want to make a video.


Once you've polished your technique, you don't have to be afraid of any editing. Moreover, there are many editing software in the software market, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple iMovie, Filmage Screen, CyberLink Power Director.


What is suitable for beginners to use? We highly recommend you use Filmage Screen as your preferred editing software. Filmage Screen is not only a screen recorder, but also a video editor which enables you to make video tutorials, online courses, etc.

Filmage Screen is very suitable for a novice to make video editing. If you want to make a game video, you can not only use Filmage Screen to record your wonderful game video but also edit the video with it.

Moreover, Filmage Screen is very friendly for beginners to use, it includes functions that meet the needs of the vast majority of novices to learn video editing.


Want to annotate your video? Don't worry, with Filmage Screen you can annotate your videos directly with text , or add freehand drawing by hand writing like you do with a pen. Also you can resize them to highlight. It’s no problem to edit the length of your video, like cut the length, or adjust the playback speed. 

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Video noisy too loud? Don't worry, Filmage Screen supports adding audio. You can choose between recorded audio or instant recording.


Welcome to learn more about Filmage Screen.

If you have a certain understanding of video editing and have high requirements on the content and quality of the video, then you can use Adobe Premiere Pro.


Image Source: Adobe Premiere Pro 

It is very powerful with very many professional video editing functions. If you learn it well and make the most use of it, then you can get 90% of your video editing needs and even become a professional video editor. But Adobe Premiere Pro is too professional that may be difficult for beginners to get started. 

All in all, learning how to edit a video is a very important task. If you want to form a unique video editing thought, you must sharpen your editing skills at first. Some basic editing operations need to be learnt, including cutting video, dubbing, subtitles and so on. 


After you are familiar with video editing, take your inspiration and creativity to make your marvellous work! 

Video editing is not a difficult thing. Try Filmage Screen, I hope everyone can take action to learn it, maybe the results will give you infinite surprise! Filmage Screen as a video editor which enables you to make video tutorials, online courses, etc. Try to Get a 7-day free trial of Filmage Screen now!

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