Welcome Filmage Converter Android on Board

Mon. 02 Nov. 2020 1718 3min

Today, we are happy to announce the arrival of Filmage Converter, the best video converter for Android.

As we all know, there are restrictions of video formats on Android phones when sharing videos between different devices or through various channels. But with the support of Filmage Converter, you can easily get the videos converted into playable and compatible versions. No need to operate on the computer as your Android phone can handle it.

Filmage Converter is free for you to download on Google Play Store, and more important is that there are no ads! Now, learn more about Filmage Converter, and get to know how it helps you in 4 ways. 

1. Convert to Any Format

Filmage Converter is a simple video converting tool which helps you convert videos to various formats without any quality loss, like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, FLV, MPEG, MPG, VOB, WMV etc. You can import videos From Album, From Camera or use WiFi Transfer to transfer your video files from your Mac, PC or any other devices under the same network.


2. Export HD Quality Files

HD video is short for High-Definition video with higher resolution and quality than standard-definition. While there is no standardized meaning for high-definition,

Filmage Converter supports 720x1280, 1280x720, 1080x1920, 1920x1080, 3840x2160 which can be considered as HD video in all aspects. And Filmage Converter enables you to export videos of high quality at a super fast speed.


3. Modify Frame & Bits Rate

When you are ready to convert, it’s advisable to customize video parameters like Frame Rate, Bits Rate first, so that the converted video will not exceed the size limitations in some sharing channels and save space for your phone memory. Of course, it is a way of compressing videos for a smaller and smoother one, Filmage Converter does a great job. 

android bits rate_frame.jpg

4. Share Videos With Friends

After finishing converting, you are free to share the converted videos to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or with your friends via Email, Bluetooth and more. Nothing can be more important than this, and Filmage Converter knows it well.


So if Filmage Converter can be helpful to you, go to Google Play Store and install it on your Android devices now! 

And as Filmage Converter has just been launched, there are more features to look forward to in the near future. Let us make progress together. 

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