How to Screen Record Better in macOS Ventura - Great Updates!

Mon. 21 Nov. 2022 1353 3 mins

Apple just released the latest macOS Ventura a few days ago. It brings a bunch of new features which makes the things you do most on Mac even better. Such as Spotlight, Shared Tab Groups, Stage Manager, Continuity Camera, messaging, etc. 


There are two highlight features that are really helpful for a better screen recording experience. In this article, we will show you how to do macOS Ventura Screen Recording with these new features.

1. New Features Available For Better Screen Recording Experience  

Stage Manager: Automatically organizes your apps and windows in a single view


Stage Manager is a big update of macOS Ventura. It brings a new way of multitasking to the Mac. Stage Manager automatically organizes your apps and windows in a single view on any Mac, so you can stay focused while easily moving between tasks.


With the help of Stage Manager, you can record demo videos, tutorials videos without mess while you need to open multiple apps and windows.  


Continuity Camera: Use iPhone as your webcam on Mac


Another great feature is Continuity Camera. It uses the powerful camera system of the iPhone as your webcam on Mac. Which will be welcomed by users who always complained about the inferior webcam image quality of Mac. 


The amazing part about Continuity Camera is that the iPhone and Mac will connect wirelessly, there is no any plug-in needed. It is a great help to record the webcam or picture-in-picture videos, which will capture higher quality videos.  Also, it is also very useful in video calls and online meetings.  


2. How to Record Screen With Filmage Screen?


Filmage Screen is now newly updated to adapt to this new system. It offers you a smooth and unforgettable screen recording experience in macOS Ventura. Free download it and follow the below tutorial to record the screen on Mac. 

Step1: After download and installation. Launch Filmage Screen on your computer, choose the recording tools you want, just click the icon and enter the recording modes. 


Step2: You can customize the size of the recording area, set the video quality (up to 4K) and frame rate (up to 60fps) according to your preference. If you want to capture the screen with audio, Filmage Screen also enables you to record the system audio and microphone audio. 


Step3: After everything is done, you can start recording by clicking the red button. It captures everything that happened on your Mac screen. When you are done, click the stop button, then the video will be saved automatically on your computer. 

Step4: If you need editing your videos after recording, Filmage Screen can do it too! You can split, merge and delete the videos. Add annotations on your video, such as texts, shapes, freehand drawing, etc. Highlight the main content of your video. 


The macOS Ventura brings great and exciting features for Mac users. With them, we can explore new ways to get more done and improve experience in your favorite apps. If you often record your screen, we suggest you download Filmage Screen and use it to record the screen on macOS Ventura, which will give you a better screen recording experience than ever before.

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