How to Create Effective Training Videos (The Ultimate Guide in 2022)

Thu. 24 Nov. 2022 967 3 mins

When you need to learn something new, what will you do? I guess you must prefer looking for a video rather than text instructions. You’re not alone! 


Video is one of the most popular and effective ways to deliver knowledge and information now. No matter which industry you are, if you’re serious about teaching others, creating online courses, growing your business, etc. Training videos are the best delivery way.      


This article provides the ultimate guide on how to create effective training videos and why you need creating training videos. Here’s what you’ll learn:


Benefits of creating a training video


1. Video gets more engagement


Video works better than words and texts because it is intuitive and easy to understand. Research shows that 69% of consumers prefer to watch a video to learn about a new product or service, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. So there is no doubt that video is important. 


2. Video can be watched anytime


Video can rewatch without time limits. Unlike in-person training, it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, video can be shared with others easily. 


3. Save time and money


There is no need to pay someone for in-person training, and there is no need to waste time organizing repeat training sessions. A video can solve most problems, just click to watch the training video. It is a great help for global remote companies. 

Types of training videos you can create


How-To Videos


How-to videos are a popular and common training video type on YouTube. The instructor usually shows the detailed process of solving a specific problem in the video. And it tends to get high engagement.    


Screen Capture Videos


Screen capture video is usually the fastest and easiest way to create a training video. It is most commonly used for showing the screen demo of your computer, software tutorials, etc. Also, you can create more polished videos of your screen recording for training purposes. 


Employee Training Videos


Most companies tend to use videos to train coworkers or employees about job contents or workflow standards now, especially welcomed and used by remote teams. It is one of the best ways to share knowledge and information to employees. 


Animated Videos 


This type of training videos use fully animated visuals, such as graphics. They are best for explaining complex tutorials, ideas and contents, which is great for engaging your audience.

How to easily make an effective training video


Step 1: Select a topic


Before starting your training video, you need to plan your topic first. Great videos start with great planning. And also consider a question, what do you want to train? What are your audience’s needs? After everything is clear, you can start your videos now. 


Step 2: Write a script


Once you’ve decided on the topic and the type of your video, the next step is to write a script for your video. Script will help you get a clear image in your mind and know what you want to show. Without a script, your video will be confusing, disjointed, and extremely long in length.  


Step 3: Record your training video


After all the prep work is done, you can start recording your training video. For most common training videos, you can create a great video with the help of screen capture software, such as software tutorial videos, customer service videos, etc.


Filmage Screen is a great choice for you. It is a powerful screen recording and video editing software. Filmage Screen enables you to capture high quality videos with audio and customize recording areas of the screen. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can easily start your captures even if you’re the first time using it!   


Step 4: Edit your video


The last step you need to do is to edit the training videos. Editing the unwanted footage, adding subtitles, background music to your video, etc. Making your training video more perfect and engaging. 



We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to create effective training videos. Follow the steps and you can make your own training video easily. Let’s start now!  

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