How to Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac in 2021?

Fri. 08 Jan. 2021 3609 2 min

VOB is a container format in DVD-Video media, containing digital video, digital audio, subtitles and DVD menus. However, if you want to play your VOB videos in your Windows computer, Mac or your mobile phone, VOB videos usually are incompatible. So in that case, you’ll need to transfer VOB to MP4 which is a multimedia format that is supported in most devices. We recommend the best VOB to MP4 converter for Mac in this article.

How to convert VOB to MP4 freely:

First of all, you need an useful and professional video converter. Here we recommend Filmage Converter. Filmage Converter is all-in-one video process software, which focuses on video converting, video editing, video downloading, video compressing, audio extracting and more.This video and audio converter enables you to convert almost any format to any format like VOB to MP4. In addition, the video editing suite of Filmage Converter helps you to crop, clip, add subtitles, apply effects, add watermarks, speed up your video and more. Now, let me show you how to convert VOB to MP4 with Filmage Converter.

Step 1: Install Filmage Converter from our website. Due to Apple's restrictions, M4V or VOB cannot be input on the version of App Store. If you want to convert M4V or VOB to other formats, please install Filmage Converter from our website.

Step 2: After the installation, please launch Filmage Converter and add your vob files to Filmage Converter.

Step 3: Click Format -> Choose Video -> Choose MP4 as the converted format. You can also convert VOB to other formats, like MOV, MKV, M4V and more. See all supported input and output formats.

Step 4: More advanced settings. Click to set more detailed settings including quality, video resolution, fps, bitrate, sample rate and more.

Step 5: Convert videos in batches. If you have a batch of VOB video files to be converted to the same format, you can directly click Convert All and Filmage Converter will do automatically all the conversion tasks for you.

Now, you should have converted videos successfully from VOB to MP4. Enjoy the videos from DVD on your computer, phone or any device!

If you want to convert M4V to another format, please follow the same steps as VOB to MP4. Watch a video about how to convert VOB to MP4 clearly on YouTube and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel - Filmage Pro. We will keep updating the latest information and useful video tutorials about Filmage Series.

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