[Free] How to record screen on Mac with microphone and internal audio in 2021?

Thu. 25 Feb. 2021 1846 3 min

"How can I get the system audio from computer and microphone sound simultaneously?" Many people are looking for a solution to this problem on the internet. There are many cases when Mac users may want to record their computer's audio, whether recording a video with internal audio or recording isolated audio tracks playing on the computer. You may want to record audio on its own or you may also want to record internal audio along with a video. In any case, the right software will help you get the best results from your recordings. However, with so many software options out there, it can be a challenge to find the right one for your purposes.

Filmage Screen is a great screen capturer program as it will allow you to easily record the computer screen, computer sound and microphone all together. Also, Filmage Screen enables you to edit videos like cut, trim, add text, add background music and voiceover after recording. If you want to record the system audio and/or your voice, please see the tutorials below:

Step 1: Record Internal Audio and Microphone on Mac with Filmage Screen Recorder

Step 2: Record Screen with Internal Audio and/or Microphone

Step 3: Pause, Resume or Stop Recording

Step 4: Edit and Save Recording

Step 1: Record Internal Audio and Microphone on Mac with Filmage Screen Recorder

Filmage Screen Recorder is a powerful screen and audio recorder, which enables users to record webcam, audio, and screen simultaneously. And you can choose to record internal audio on Mac, microphone sound, or both of them.

First of all, you need to install Filmage Screen Recorder. In addition to recording both internal audio and microphone, Filmage Screen Recorder also:

1. Fully support high definition videos: 4K/1080P

2. Record screen automatically using scheduled recording task

3. Record the screen of iOS devices connected to Mac

4. Make GIFs or full HD videos with ease

5. Record window to do other things at the same time

Download Filmage Screen on Mac and have a try now!

Step 2: Record Screen with Internal Audio and/or Microphone

Now you have installed Filmage Screen successfully and you can free record the screen with audio after installing the audio driver. 

Click Screen to record your Mac screen.

If you want to only record internal audio, then click System Sound:

If you want to record both internal audio on Mac and your sound, then choose System Sound & Microphone:

Step 3: Pause, Resume or Stop Recording

During recording, you may need to pause recording. You can click the pause/resume icon or enter shortcuts command+1 to pause/resume recording.

Also it’s convenient to stop recording. You can directly click the red button to stop recording or enter the shortcut command+2 to stop recording.

Step 4: Edit and Save Recording

Once the recording is finished, the recording file will be saved automatically. On the File List, you can directly edit the video. 

These video editing features are supported:

- Cut out unwanted sections

- Add subtitles

- Add annotations

- Add background music

- Record the voice-over

To save your webinar recording, you can export your video as a local file. Choose MOV/MP4/M4V/AVI and more formats, change the storage path, choose video quality and more detailed parameters.

Now, you can share your recordings with your friends and share them on YouTube, Vimeo and more platforms.

Watch a video about how to record internal audio and microphone on Mac with Filmage Screen clearly on YouTube and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel - Filmage Pro. We will keep updating the latest information and useful video tutorials about Filmage Series.

If you have other good ways to record screen, have any suggestions or meet any problems while using Filmage Screen, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are happy to hear from you!

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