Filmage Screen VS Record It: Which One to Choose?

Fri. 30 Sep. 2022 1040 3 min

Nowadays, screen recorders are necessary equipment your computer should have no matter if you're a teacher, a student, a lecturer, a gamer, or even a YouTuber. 


However, there are plenty of screen recording tools you can choose from in the market. To have a better experience, it is necessary to choose the proper one. 


Filmage Screen and Record It are two well-known screen recording software at the moment. But which one to choose? Here in this article, we have discussed all the necessary comparison functionalities between the two softwares and you can decide which one is better for you. 

Filmage Screen VS Record It: Overview





Filmage Screen VS Record It: Features Comparison


According to the above overview comparison of the Filmage Screen and Record It, you may already have a probable idea to decide which software tool suits your requirements. But it may not be clear enough. In the next part, we will share more detailed features comparison to help you make a clear selection for the two screen recording tools.         



Similar Features


  • Filmage Screen and Record It both support recording 4K videos, but there is a little difference: Filmage Screen allows to record 60fps videos maximum, however Record It is able to record 30fps videos only. Therefore, Filmage Screen is more suitable for you to record gameplay videos. 


  • The two tools all support recording system audios and microphone audios easily. It is very helpful to capture online lessons and meetings.


  • Both the tools allow users to record the camera, you can make a presentation video by recording the camera. What’s more, Filmage Screen enables you to record the screen and camera simultaneously (picture-in-picture). This feature is great to make course videos and YouTube reactions videos.     

Different Features


  • Filmage Screen supports editing videos and converting videos. After recording, you can enter editing mode to split, merge videos, enhance videos with annotate tools: text box, shapes, freehand drawing, etc. 


  • Although Record It lacks editing features, It allows you to annotate videos too while you record the screen. Such as adding text, shapes, arrows, etc.   


  • Record It enables you to customize cursor effects, you can change the cursor’s color freely. And Filmage Screen only has the default cursor effect to use.  

Filmage Screen VS Record It: Price Comparison  

After a significant comparison of the features among Filmage Screen and Record It, there is no doubt that the price factor is also an important parameter that impacts on your final decision.


Therefore, in this section, we have covered the price factor among Filmage Screen and Record It. So you will have a final idea of selecting the most appropriate one.  

  • Filmage Screen provides two pricing plans, one is $14.99/ 6 months subscription, and the other one is $29.99 / permanent license


  • Record It only offers one permanent license plan at $19.99


Both the tools offer a free version and a 7-day free trial to the Pro version. What's more surprising is that both the tools provide an education plan, that the students and faculty can enjoy a 50% discount to upgrade to the Pro version. 



After reading this post, I guess you may have the final idea on which one to choose. Record It may be more suitable to create a quick screen recording, such as capturing a business meeting or demonstrating a technical issue. Whereas Filmage Screen is more suitable to make tutorial videos, YouTube reaction videos or capturing a gameplay video. You can choose a proper one depending on your demand.


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